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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hello Mate. We are going to Australia today. Actually Australia will be coming to us via Heat Hot Sauce Shop. We have a fun sauce from the Australian company Cobra Chilli. It is called Ultra Magic Sauce. This sauce is an Asian style hot sauce fueled by the Carolina Reaper Pepper. Cobra Chilli calls this sauce "Magic Sauce"; “because it goes with, on and in almost every kind of food.” Heat Hot Sauce Shop is the U.S. distributor of this sauce and they have asked us to give it a try. Put another shrimp on the barbie  and let’s give it a try.


Soy protein, onion, sugar syrup, honey, rice vinegar, fermented soybean paste, fresh Carolina Reaper chili (5%), sesame oil and ginger are the listed ingredients. I find it interesting that soy protein is the first listed ingredient. This flavor component may add an Umami type sensation.

Aroma & Texture

The cap is removed to reveal a flow constrictor. (My pet peeve about flow constrictors…. Why?). An intriguing pleasant aroma that smells of distinct sesame oil and ginger greets. This sauce is a thick puree with pulp present.


We tried this sauce naked on a spoon and with several meals. Our first impressions while sampling this were very favorable. Right off the bat this sauce packs a punch with its Carolina Reaper attack. This sauce will make Chileheads smile with a potent punch to the taste buds. The ingredient of soy protein and fermented soy bean paste are interesting component to this mix. It adds a little pizazz that grabs ones attention, which makes you long for the next taste. A flavor of sesame oil and ginger is another first impression. Sesame oil is a very unique flavor that gives this sauce Asian flair. The sugar syrup and honey adds balance to this mix. We are impressed and cannot wait to try it with some food.


This sauce packs a punch. This sauce with its Carolina Reaper sting will raise the heat meter to a healthy 3 stars out of 5.


I sneaked this bottle into an Italian restaurant and had some with their house made raviolis and meatballs. This pairing really worked. The richness of the ravioli sauce was complimented with the Ultra Hot Magic Sauce. The Ultra Hot Magic Sauce’s heat dissipated slightly with the addition of food but still is a welcome addition of fire.
Next up on the plate was some bratwurst sausage. This sauce lives up to its name; Magic. I totally enjoyed dipping the sausage into the sauce. There was a umami factor that just made me crave the next bite. I could not get enough of this sauce.


Ultra-Hot Magic Sauce is a winner. It packs a punch with Carolina Reaper love. Sesame oil and ginger adds uniqueness and an Asian flair to this sauce. The all important factor of balance is perfect with its ratio of heat to sweet. Magic? It did go with everything we tried. This is a good solid sauce that will please and satisfy Chileheads need for heat and flavor.  Cobra Chilli company has a lineup of sauces and we plan to sample some more in the future.

     If you would like to experience this sauce, Dylan & Becky of Heat Hot Sauce Shop will gladly help you. They have very reasonable shipping. While you are there take a look at their ‘Hot Sauce of the Month’ club too.

Heat Hot Sauce Shop

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