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Sunday, August 21, 2016


We are in Oakland California to visit the Art & Soul Festival which is also sponsoring two KCBS bbq competitions. There is a "Professional" division four meat competition consisting of Chicken, ribs, pork and brisket. There was also a backyard division three meat competition consisting of chicken, ribs and tri-tip. Ms. Goofy and I like this event especially since this is my hometown turf. I no longer reside in Oakland but my formative years were spent in this colorful city. Yes, I am a product of the Oakland Public School System and proud of it. This event is held in the revitalized downtown area. This is not the downtown of my youth but a hipster haven of shops, clubs and trendy restaurants. Let's have some fun.

We will start with the end. Congratulations to the "Kid". Zach Galiste of the bbq competition team "Son of Smoke"/ Zach is on fire with back to back Grand Championships trophies.  Did I mention that Zach is only 18 years old. The new generation of bbq competitors have arrived. I know Zach's father Derrick is smiling ear to ear.

We finished our judging duties and experienced what the festival offered. We strolled in the cool shadows of towering office building to experience the day. Lot's of art was offered for sale. There was plenty of food to be had. There were several music stages that pumped out some soulful tunes. We even ran into Hillary Clinton. She looked a little stiff and cardboard like today.

The Art & Soul festival in Oakland is an event we look forward too. We cannot wait till next year. Congratulation to the young phenom Zach. Your dynasty has only begone. What a great day. We have to wait a whole week for the next bbq competition that will be held in Penn. Valley. Stay tuned.


Big Dude said...

Always nice when you such a good time that you look forward to the next one.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, Busy,busy, busy this time of year. We are trying to have too much fun.

Aaron said...

Afterward we went to Galeto down the street- a Brazilian steakhouse, the kind with a token you keep on green to signal "keep the meat coming." We had at least 10 different meats. You will have to come down and dine at Galeto sometime.

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, Heck yeah! 'Keep the meat coming" My kind of place. Brazilian?