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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Heat Hot Sauce Shop is one of my favorite hot and spicy hangouts. Dylan & Becky the proprietors of this house of heat have asked me to compile a collection of some of my favorite hot sauces for a Christmas Gift Set. They are promoting these sauces and selling them for a fantastic gift item for the holidays. I am speechless and very flattered to be included in this offering.  This would make the perfect gift for any hot sauce enthusiast. My collection is all about good flavor and of course a healthy but not too hot blast of heat. I lean towards the green sauces as you shall see. Come along and take a look at the Chilebrown’s Gift Set

Lucky Dog…..Green Label
Scott Zalkind is the charismatic local producer of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce’s. His Green Label is a mild blend of fire-roasted jalapeno & Serrano peppers and garlic. This sauce is extremely flavorful and pairs with many food combinations.

Roasted Hatch chile peppers from New Mexico are some of my all-time favorite chile. Throw in a couple of habaneros and you have one fancy sauce that packs a medium punch. This goes great on pizza, burgers and will spice up your breakfast burrito.

This Verde (green) style sauce has roasted hatch chiles, roasted garlic, roasted jalapenos, cilantro and a just a splash of Scorpion pepper. It has a very fresh and crisp vinegar note up front, balanced with the legendary hatch chile flavors. It tastes so verde good.

Hell Fire Zombie Snot
This is the hottest of my collection. It has an assortment of exotic peppers such as Carolina Reapers, Jolokia, 7-Pot, and Moruga Scorpions. Let’s throw in a couple of jalapenos, serrano’s, tomatillos and sweeten it with granny smith apples. This combination works to make a flavorful sauce that demands respect with its beautiful heat rush.

Secret Aardvark
This may be my personal favorite. This is a fun sauce that goes well with all food pairings. It is a mild mustard based habanero sauce that originated in the Portland Oregon area. It is listed as a medium heat level sauce but that may be a little generous on the heat scale. This will be a crowd favorite.

This is my collection. I personally use these sauces all the time. What fun it was to pick these sauces for Christmas ideas. Dylan & Becky of Heat Hot Sauce have this collection for sale at a very reasonable price of $41.99 that even includes the shipping price. Yes, you read correctly; shipping is included. There are links below to find this collection and many other offerings at Heat Hot Shop. Have a very Merry and Spicy Christmas.

Heat Hot Sauce Shop
 (510) 849-1048  Ask for the Chilebrown Gift Set


Aaron said...


I see Secret Aardvark all over the place up in OR, good stuff.

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr. Brown you're a sell-out. GWH

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, We discovered Secret Aardvark at the Farmers Market in Portland over 15 years ago. It is one of my favorites.

greatwhite hunter, Don't hate the playa. Speaking of sellout, I do not drive a fancy shiny new hipster mobile.

Lucky Dog said...

Thanks for including Lucky Dog Hot Sauce, Mr Chilebrown! I'm honored to have my product in such terrific company, and on such an exclusive list. I was told by Heat that Lucky Dog Hot Sauces were the most requested "wish list" items, and were included in the most "reviewer recommended" sets. I'm pretty stunned by that, but not as much as being called "charismatic". You must have caught me on a good day. Heh
Thanks very much for the inclusion, and happy holidays!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Very nice. Will there be a companion BBQ rub gift pack?

Chilebrown said...

Scott Zalkind, Congrats on your new puppy. It is always a pleasure to see you at the Farmers Market.

Three Dogs BBQ, Heat Hot Sauce Shop sells very few bbq sauces and rubs. Their specialty is hot sauces. So probably not.

Chris said...

If I hadn't just bought $50+ of stuff at Pepper Palace I would jump on this. Alexis "mentioned" how many bottles of hot sauce I had in the pantry and fridge just last night. That aardvark sauce though.....maybe she won't notice ;)

Chilebrown said...

Chris, The question of how many bottles of hot sauce is like how many barbeques do you really need. Never enough!. When you get a chance try out the Secret Aardvark.

Lucky Dog said...

+1 on the secret aardvark.