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Monday, March 6, 2017


Last February was a celebration of my glorious birthday month. This celebration was entitled; 'My Big Fat Birthday Month' celebration. To our pleasant surprise we have discovered if you sign on to some restaurants mailing lists they will send you invitations for free birthday meals. Black Bear Diner wanted to gift me a free breakfast in honor of my birthday month. To be honest, I have never been to a Black Bear Diner. Ms. Goofy has been several time and claims they have a very good eggs Benedict. Let's go redeem our free breakfast.

     We arrive to our destination and I am not sure if we have come to a diner our a kids theme park. The outside did have a fun vibration with its roller coaster bears. Inside was an extension of this lively bear jamboree. They even have a gift shop to purchase stuffed bears, t-shirts and even hot sauces. (more on the hot sauces later). Our waitress was pleasant and prompt. My free breakfast included eggs, waffle, and choice of meat. Ms. Goofy took the free breakfast and I ordered a steak. I asked to sub the potatoes for biscuits and gravy. Our waitress informed us that I could have biscuits and gravy included with all of the other sides. She warned us that these were big plates. To be healthy I ordered the fruit cup instead of hash browns.
      The waitress was not kidding when she warned us of big plates. They were ginormous. Everything looked fantastic. My steak ordered medium rare came more mooing than medium but still was very decent. This was a lumberjack meal that quantity may have trumped quality. This was an exercise in carbo loading. Everything that was served to us was decent and filling. One little side note are the hot sauces.

Three hot sauces are offered at the table and the gift shop for purchase. Baby Burn, Mama Burn, and of course Papa Burn are the titles of these pepper concoctions. The theme of these sauces was very sweet with a pepper finish. The Mama burn had a nice chipotle smoky flavor. The Papa Burn was sweet with a habanero kick to say good morning. I personally thought this was a nice touch to our meal. These sauces like our meal were decent but not spectacular.

Thankyou Black Bear Diner for the Birthday breakfast. Black Bear Diner is a fun bear themed diner that have numerous locations. The meals here are huge and lumberjackish. Our service was great. Black Bear Diner is exactly what you expect. Maybe we will return next year to observe; My Big Fat Birthday Month celebration.


Aaron said...

Chicken fried steak with extra gravy, hash browns, biscuit & gravy. I have to admit I bring my own hot sauce.

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, It is all about the gravy. Buckets of gravy. Oh yeah.

Angie said...

I need to buy a lot of papa burn sauce. Where can I get them? They used to sell them online and they stopped a few year ago. At the dinner they always ran out! I went 5 times they were out every time!

Angie said...

Same here. I don't know why they stopped!!