Chilebrown at home

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Home grown garlic is a treat. Freshly picked garlic is pungent and strong. Last year, at the Gilroy Garlic Festival they were giving away free garlic for planting. I took a couple of heads. You break the head into cloves and plant. A little watering, weeding and patience is all you need to produce a small garden of vampire repellent. Now that we have an abundance of garlic, what shall we cook? I had the idea of studding a beef roast.

We are using a USDA Choice Sirloin roast acquired from a big block discount market. There is no real recipe here. We just separated the cloves and peeled the protective skin. We then took a sharp paring knife and cut a small hole to insert the cloves. After we had studded our roast we seasoned with the rub of the day. We cooked our roast in a bbq with indirect heat until the roasts internal temperature reached 124 degrees. After a 15 minute rest we sliced.

The roast was cooked to a medium rare. The garlic perfumed and flavored this beef. The cooking mellowed the garlic flavor. It did not overpower the beef flavor but added a nice compliment. I would eat the whole clove and enjoyed it. The cooking added sweetness to the garlic. Ms. Goofy passed on the garlic consumption.

This was a fun way to use garlic. It added a unique and flavorful twist to our beef roast. The next day we cut up our roast into small slices to make some very decadent beef stroganoff. I have to find some more uses with our abundance of stinking rose. No vampires were harmed in this post.


Greg said...


If you love garlic look for some Basque restaurants/festivals. They crush about 11 raw cloves on top of a single pork chop or lamb shank.


Chilebrown said...

Greg, They should have a Basque festival right here. I definetley have the garlic. Pork chops and garlic sound pretty good.