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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Volpi's Restaurant & Bar was our lunch destination after a morning Meat Adventure. The Great White Hunter and I visited several of our favorite meat markets for protein acquisition. With full ice chest we wanted also wanted to fill our souls with comforting Italian food. Volpi's is a historic and iconic destination Italian restaurant located in Petaluma California. Volpi's built in 1900 was originally a grocery store and during prohibition was reputed to be a speak-easy. Today it was our lunch destination. Parking Karma was present today but not in full force because the Great White Hunter was behind the wheel. After several attempts we parked right across the street from Volpi's.

Inside of Volpi's ones senses are bombarded with an eclectic collection of kitsch. Wine bottles, posters, statues, stuffed animal heads and a famous back room bar is this colorful establishment. The tables are adorned with tradition red checkered table cloths. The place is fairly empty for this Wednesday afternoon. Our cheerful waitress brings us a lunch menu and we decide on our options. I ask to order off the dinner menu because of my hankering for a steak. No problem. The Great White Hunter orders tripe on a bed of polenta.

At lunch you have a soup/salad option unlike dinners which include both. I opted for both and was really happy with my colorful hearty salad. The minestrone was home made, thick and full of identifiable vegetables. Our entrees arrived promptly. My rib-eye steak was tender and satisfying with beefy love. The pasta was passable and the green beans where; well they are green beans. The Great White Hunter was uncharacteristically silent during his meal. He did come up for air and proclaim the tripe had just enough barnyard flavor. Don't ask.

Volpi's was a fun and satisfying place to have a meal. The interior decoration is a little crazy but it surely adds character. The service was great and the food filled the bill. I would like to come back. This was a nice ending to our Meat Adventure

Volpi's Restaurant & Bar
124 E Washington St,
 Petaluma, CA 94952

P.S. I almost forgot the spumoni ice cream and coffee I had for dessert. It was very refreshing but I am not sure if it was true spumoni. It was more ice cream in the Neapolitan style with pistachio ice cream instead of strawberry. It was quit good.

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