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Sunday, December 3, 2017


The women at the Colombo Club have an auxiliary club which celebrated their 80th anniversary with a dinner last night. We were invited to participate in this festive occasion. We were also told raviolis would be on the menu. How could we pass an opportunity to eat one of my favorite foods. The Colombo Club is the largest Italian social club on the West Coast. They have been in existence for almost 100 years. I attend the men's monthly dinner and I am no stranger to the wonderful food they serve. Let's go celebrate the Auxiliary Clubs 80th Anniversary. Mangia Bene.

It is mandatory you bring an appetite to a Colombo Club function. Tonight's menu includes: Antipasto, Ceaser salad, raviolis, prime rib, potatoes, vegetables, dessert, coffee and all the vino you can handle. The dinner is served family style. When your platter is empty of raviolis, you ask your server and more and more and more will be delivered. The dinner begins with cocktails in one of two spacious bars. Some delicious focaccia pizza bread was offered as appetizers. The dinner bell is rung and we go to the large cavernous basement dinning hall.

I am quit sure many a belt buckle was loosened after this feast. If you had any energy left there was the 'George Campi Band" upstairs for after dinning dancing. This ravioli stuffed boys only attempt at dancing was to roll over on the couch to grab the remote. What a night. This was a very tasty celebration.

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