Chilebrown at home

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Just saying Gummy Bear Sausage sounds a little disgusting. Ms. Goofy just rolled her eyes when I asked the butcher to wrap up a couple for purchase at Tootle's Butcher Shop. The butcher did mention it was one of the best sellers. Gummy Bear Sausage is pork sausage with the addition of candied gummy bears. For some strange reason we are going to give it a try tonight.

 There is no secret to cooking these festive oddities. We just browned them in a cast iron pan and finished them off in the oven. Some of the gummy bears did melt out of the sausage but there was plenty left to sample this unique meat. Can we have a drum roll please? This actually worked. The gummy bear added a sweetness to this pork sausage which was pleasant. I cannot honestly tell you if one color gummy bear tasted better than another but the sweet factor worked. This novelty sausage was actually pretty good. I can honestly say I probably would not buy them again too. It was fun to try but I have a feeling Ms. Goofy is not going to be happy about cleaning melted gummy bear out of the cast iron pan.


Big Dude said...

Like your wife, I'm rolling my eyes :-)

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, Ms, Goofy only took a little bite but said she liked it.