Chilebrown at home

Monday, February 18, 2019


We tried out a easy convenient tortellini product from Giovanni Ranna. I would like to say it is easy and fast to prepare and it tastes great. Ms. Goofy made a cream sauce with ham and mushrooms to make this a satisfying weekday dinner meal. The filling of these little pasta pillows is cheese & uncured bacon. Did I say bacon? Yes, and it is uncured. Here we go. There is no such thing as uncured bacon by definition. Merriam Webster defines bacon as; "a side of a pig cured and smoked". The government has allowed manufacturers to call bacon uncured if they uses celery juice extract which has natural occurring nitrates/nitrates which ultimately cures the pork. As you may have gathered that this is a personnel pet peeve of mine. It is cured pork and it is bacon. By the way, you really could not taste bacon in the tortellini. It did have a meaty cheesy flavor and was enjoyed by all.
That is my Monday rant. Have a great week.

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