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Sunday, October 6, 2019


Silicon Valley Pig Jig was a fantastic bbq event held yesterday. It had a little twist being held in Silicon Valley. It was a fundraiser for NephCure Kidney International. Silicon Valley is the heart of the Tech World and corporations were invited to participate in this amateur bbq competition. I understand each team had to donate at least 2500. dollars to enter a team in this competition. This event was held at the San Jose Municipal Stadium which is home to a minor league baseball team;San Jose Giants. This was a fun day and we would like to share a couple of images with you.

The public was invited to this event. You could purchase different levels of participation. The entry fees ranged from 30 dollars to the all inclusive V.I.P. pass for a 150 dollars. We judges were included in a semi V.I.P pass that gave us access to free beverages, food and close access to the music stage. Ms. Goofy participated in the free beverages and I was a little too full after judging to consume any additional bbq.

Today we judged three categories of tri-tip, ribs and a third category of "Anything Goes" Anything Goes is an opportunity to impress the judges with all sorts of culinary delights. We were presented with pies, half chickens, pork belly sliders, beef ribs, brisket, cocktails and even a dist of octopus. This extra category was a lot of fun.

 They must of known, I do like pie.

This was another fun day of bbq all in the name of a good cause. The venue of a minor league ballpark added a little extra pizzazz to this event. The corporate teams did their best to impress. Us judges were treated like V.I.P. This all added up for a great bbq day.


Aaron said...

We were sorry to miss that one. Why does the pin say Tampa???

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, I guess they recycled the pins from the Tampa Pig Jig. I gave my pin to Scott S anyway. I do not want to be the old guy with a 100 pins on his vest and hat. I am just the old guy with 100 plus.