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Sunday, April 13, 2008


It took a couple of moments to figure out why our Peas were not doing so well. We found out why. Mojo has become a Vegan & Carnivore. (Vegarinovre) He just eats whatever he can. There is a Veterinarian term of 'Garbage Gut.' I have caught him several times ripping pea vines out of the yard. Well he cannot get to the Fava Beans. I know he wants to. I planted them last November. I am harvesting the beans now and will be for the next several weeks. It is a Spring Treat. My Dad used to say, "It is a lot of work for what you get". That is true!, but it is worth it. You first have to peal the beans out of their protective Cocoon. Then you have to blanch them for 30 seconds in boiling salter water. If they are young enough you do not have to peel the beans. If they are a little older the blanching will make the peeling easy. Pinch an end and the bean will pop out of its casing. All that is left is a little Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper, and maybe a splash of Vinegar.

Fava Beans are easy to grow. They thrive in poor soil and and return nitrogen to soil. They are a good crop to start in Winter. I will be harvesting for the next couple of weeks. Mojo is Jealous!!!

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cookiecrumb said...

Ha, ha. Dogs. Can't live with them, can't kill them...
My previous Maltese (Bean Sprout's predecessor) thought tomatoes just grew on trees. He'd be out there munching the little yellow pear variety until I caught him. Then he'd be out there again. Munch, munch.
Mojo knows his stuff.