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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


It is that time of year to break out the portable grills and wash out the ice chests. It is baseball season! Yeah! Tonight is the Oakland A's Home Opener. Peanuts, Popcorn, Crackerjacks and 10 dollar beers. I have been an A's fan since 1968. That was the first year the team moved to Oakland. I was in Elementary School. To go to a game was pure magic. The sights and sounds combined with the crowd was something special. It also helped that I was playing baseball. I thought someday I would be a baseball player. I never made the 'Pro's'. The game is still magic, but for different reasons.
Ms. Goofy and I go to the game and set up a temporary kitchen in the parking lot. We consider ourselves professional tailgaters. You name it, We have cooked it in the parking lot. Baseball games are just a warm up for football season. We only have two hours before a baseball game. We usually limit ourselves to appetizers. Football Games we have 4 hours to cook. We do not hold back then. You meet a lot of people when you are cooking and sharing food. We have a group of friends that get together and participate in the tailgate. It becomes a multicultural potluck of tasty food. You get together and share food and drink and have the bonus of being able to watch a game. We wish our teams would win a game once in a while.
Ms. Goofy has a Bobble Head collection. It is time she dusted them off. See you at the game and be sure to bring some food to share.

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