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Thursday, May 1, 2008


The Other,Other White Meat. Berkshire Pork is a special treat. Berkshire is a breed of hog. Today's roast comes from the Eden Farms located in Iowa. They are a cooperative of 25 small farms. These hogs are raised in a healthy ,environmentally friendly way.The hogs are raised outdoors and are allowed to roam. They receive no hormones or growth promoting antibiotics. The meat is distinctive because it is richer and has a darker color. Today's roast is called Kurobuta. This is Japanese for 'black pork'.I was able to order this roast through Prefered Meats .

I am only prepping the pork roast with coarse salt and freshly ground pepper. It will be accompanied by some Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli's. They will be dressed with some Olive Pesto. These were both procured by the "Sonoma Olive Company". I had to throw in some Asparagus. You know I had to. I am cooking the roast in one of my favorite Barbeques. It was made by the 'New Brauenfels' Co. They are no longer in business as far as I know. This smoker is heavy duty. I use it for important cuts of meat. It is basically an oven. I can control the temperature with a side vent.

I trimmed some of the 'Fat Cap', of of the roast. I originally thought the fat was a little excessive for such an expensive cut of pork. I stuck the excess in a pan and fried it up for Mojo & Oscar. Oh! you lucky boys! Next time I will save it for sausage. The smell of the fat frying was like heaven. Is that sick? Well maybe. I just had my cholesterol checked, and I am one of the lucky ones. I guess it is all do to the Fava Beans and Life with Ms. Goofy!!!! How did it taste you might ask? It was ''Pork Nirvana"!!! The raviolis and asparagus just added to the bliss.


meathenge said...

Hooyah, I left my fat on, nyah. Ended up in Monterey with mines, it was quite cold and drizzly, so it ended up in the oven. It was kinda like using a smoker cause the temperature fluctuated a bit and we had no idea as to the real temperature of the oven. Was pretty darned tasty, for sure.


Justin L. Brown said...

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