Chilebrown at home

Friday, May 16, 2008


Yeah, Oh Boy!, We are having a good time. It is Nueske night tonight at the Chilebrown house. There is Ham and Scalloped Potatoes with Nueske Bacon. I threw in a salad with Zukerman Farm Asparagus with 'Nueske Baco Bits'. We also made a cranberry,bacon,and cornmeal bread.
It is in the upper 90's today. That is an unusually high for our area at this time. We only have a couple of dozen days that it ever reaches this temperature. We are whining because of the heat. Everything was cooked outdoors today. The Ham was warmed in the Weber. The potatoes were cooked in one of my smokers. The Bread was made in a Dutch Oven. (Practice for the Rendezvous).

The Ham was put in the Weber. It was put in a large cast iron pan with a Trivet. I had to use a Trivet. It had to be done according to my Mentor and Hero, Dr. Biggles. It raises the meat from the bottom of the pan to prevent burning . I covered it with foil. I was basically heating it up. It was already cooked and smoked.
Everything turned out great. I cannot wait for the sandwiches tomorrow!


cookiecrumb said...

You think you're complaining, but you're happy.

Zoomie said...

Oh, wow, I never realized you could order direct from Nueske's! I just kept mooning around the local supermarkets looking and looking for it since my local market stopped carrying it! Thanks for the tip - it's my "gold standard" for bacon, too! See my blog post at: