Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Chilebrown is still on a roll. Today we are going to have some beef ribs that are rubbed down with Habanero Rub from Hell. The last post gave Orion some business. Dr. Biggles ordered a cooker and We cannot wait to go over to Dr. Biggles house and play with his new toy. Jeeze Louise!

These beef ribs were picked up from our local mega-super-store. They were so cheap that I am embarrassed to tell you.(88/cents/pound). Smother them in Habaanero Rub from Hell and put them in the Smokenator 1000. Walk away and put in the "Song Remain's the Same 1973"(Led Zepplin) and turn it up very loud. Your neighbors will not be to pissed off until they here "Moby Dick", then they might come over and show you their Marijauna card. Whoops I still get drug tested. Damn Pott smokers!!

The ribs were delicious. You may need to be a Chilehead to enjoy heat like this. I loved them. "Would somebody help me out of the closet. Ms. Goofy came home and threw me in the dungeon

Man these ribs were hot. Is it worth it? Maybe if your a Freak like me! "And She is buying a stairway to Heaven"


meathenge said...

Ha! Count me in, I want some. I'll order this next.

And since this new fancy smoker will do 6 slabs at once, we're going to need some people to come over and help eat them all. I doubt if we could find that many, what will we do?


Chilebrown said...

ask Dagny Kailyn if you can give it a try at her coming out party. I think that may be the rib Mecca. If kim gives you permission We may be the smokin dudes from heck.

Zoomie said...

You guys have nerves of steel, tongues of tungsten and guts of titanium! I get flashes just looking at the picture!

cookiecrumb said...

88 cents/pound? Dang. I better quit doing that Prather sissy-pants stuff.

Biggles: me.

Andrew said...

That rub does sounds a bit scary. The New York Times just had a story about Beef Ribs-CB, you're a trendsetter!