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Friday, May 15, 2009


You should have a decent thermometer to bring consistent Meat Extravaganza's to the table. While cruising E-Bay a thermometer from China was found It was very, very cheap. In fact it was only a whole one dollar and four cents. The shipping was only 4.36. How can you not go wrong? I jumped at this opportunity to get something for practically nothing.

One easy way to test the accuracy of a thermometer is to measure the temperature in a glass of crushed ice and water slurry. The temperature should read 32 degrees. This probe passed the first test of approval.
Lets give it a real test. A prime rib roast was the perfect candidate. The
cooking chamber was smokey and hot. The chamber probably reached over 500 degrees. This thermometer could not handle the smoke or heat. An error code was the only reading that would register.Luckily, I had a backup of my Nu-temp thermometer to save the day.
I guess the old saying rings true. You get what you pay for.


meathenge said...

Ah, yer killin' me!

Hahahahha, as a second test, you should have put it between two pressed hams! Then step it up to the prime rib.


Greg said...

I have a 90 dollar Thermapen* that would probably fail that second test.

Nice drip pan in there!

*kick ass tool

cookiecrumb said...

I get most of my kitchen supplies at Big Lots. How do you say 350ยบ in Korean?

Andrew said...

The bigger question is: where can I get one of those glasses?

snekse said...

So Thermoworks just released a new version of their Thermapen. The specs say a temp range up to 572 degrees, but I doubt that includes the body. I almost want to test it. *Almost* :-)

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