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Friday, May 29, 2009


Mad Meat Genius received a tip about a restaurant in San Francisco California called Taqueria Chile Verde Grill. This place must be conquered on our quest to find the best Chileverde. This taqueria is located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. This neighborhood is a little gritty, rough, and the S.F. tourist buses, probably avoid this area. Once you have negotiated the streets and then the sidewalks, inside is clean and inviting. The menu was scanned, once, twice, and the third time my horror was realized. There is no Chileverde on the menu. What to do. An order of chile rellenos and a carnitas super burrito was requested from the English speaking challenged servers.

Let's start out with the good. A small complimentary order of chips and salsa comes with your meal. This salsa was great. It had avocado, tomatillo and most likely jalapeno all pureed together. It was a very delicious combination.

Next the super carnitas burrito satisfied to a tee. The meat was salty, chewy, and moist all at the same time. It had large chunks of avocado. Drench this tube of protein in the salsa and you have a beautiful experience.

On to the not so good. The chile relleno plate looked beautiful. It was colorful and looked well balanced. A fork was used to try to take a bite of this egg coated, cheese stuffed fried pepper. The fork would not cut through the pepper. A knife was looked for in the utensil dispenser. I was afraid to ask why they do not dispense knifes. This relleno did not have the skin removed from the pepper. Finally out of frustration, it was picked up in my paws and chomped on. It was cold in the middle. To complicate and worsen the situation the tomato/peppers sauce that accompanied was off tasting. It had a metallic taste. "Disaster"
Taqueria Chile Verde Grill
#4 6th st.
San Francisco, California (415-522-1119)

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