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Sunday, July 26, 2009


We are continuing our review of Trader Joe's charcoal briquet's. Our local 'Wally Mart' has 7-bone roast on sale. Some of you may know this cut of beef as Pot Roast. I call it liquid meat gold. This cut of beef is full of fat and flavor. The trick is to melt the fat to coat this beef into a masterpiece of the grilling world. A 'Weber Rocky Mountain Smoker' is the tool of choice today. We are using charcoal briquet's from Trader Joe's. They have demonstrated in our unscientific experiment that they are slow and long burning fuel. The smoke will be a combination of Peach and Sugar Maple wood. This hunk of 7-bone roast weighed out to 11 pounds. It was a mammoth. It was rubbed with my not so secret spices. The mammoth was placed in the smoker at 9:00 pm. The thermometer was set and a little shut eye was in order.

The next morning, at 9:ooam the charcoal was a little spent and the internal temp. of the Mammoth was only at 160 degrees. Some more briquet's were fired and we were cooking again. My goal was to get the Mammoth to 190 degrees. This is the stage where the beef will just begin to fall apart and shred with ease. I had a little time to kill, so bread dough was created. I needed a vehicle to support this Mammoth of beef. This would also be an excuse to fire up the Beehive Oven. (Like an excuse is needed!)

Lets talk about the Beehive. This was the best present Ms. Goofy ever came up with. We are still experimenting with cooking times and recipes. When you fire up the Beehive, a Show of Burning love and a Ring of fire will follow. Sitting in front of the glowing oven is better than any television program, play and or concert that comes to mind. Place your protein in the chamber and magic will happen. Today's bread turned out more than stellar. It was a sign of the meal to follow.

The Pot Roast was taken out at 1:00pm. This was 16 hours from its first kiss of smoke. It was loosely wrapped with foil to rest. 30 minutes passed and a big hunk of meat was put in a frying pan with our favorite barbeque sauce of the minute. It was only heated and mixed throughout. It was then served on top of some home made bread and some salad on the side. It does not get any better than this. Thankyou very much!!!!!!!!!

The briquet's performed fine. The heat did last longer than Kingsford. There was no flavor except the woods that we used for smoke. These charcoals get the Mad Meat Genius seal of approval. Are they special? I do not think so.


Cookerguy said...

Damn that looks good!!!!

Zoomie said...

Drooling over here.

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Wow. That looks incredible. I wish they had that cut of meat here.

Chilebrown said...

It was very tasty. I have leftovers for the week.

Hey White Trash, This cut of meat is the beef version of pork shoulder. It has lots of layered fat. On the West Coast we cannot get brisket easily. Funny how that is.

Wingnut said...

It may not be special just in how it performs, but its performing well in combination with it having no chemicals or fillers (other than the all natural cornstarch binder) makes it a lot better than average, IMO. Some people may not think the chemicals in charcoal have any negative health affects, but some people don't think that smoking cigarettes do, either. My feeling is why not avoid them if given the choice.