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Monday, July 20, 2009


Today brings us to the island of Alameda California to try a barbeque restaurant called "Great America Barbeque'. This rib shack is run by an award winning barbeque competitor named Harry Stewart. We met him at our barbeque certification class. He did the food demonstration as part of our learning experience. Ben Lobestein put in a recommendation to try the Fred Flinstone type beef ribs that Harry barbeques. This was enough to send Ms. Goofy and I on a mission. We were not disappointed with our visit to the Great American Barbeque.

Let's cut to the chase. This barbeque restaurant delivers on all channels Take a plane, boat, car or any mode of transportation and get yourself to this barbeque palace. Let's start with the ambiance. It is small inviting room of about a dozen tables. The walls are decorated with old time pictures and trophies of past competitions. The room is a little dark and smokey with a warm comforting feel. The counter displays a bevy of home made desserts. Place your order at the counter and wait for the feast.

The menu has the usual suspects for a barbeque establishment. The meats are rubbed and marinated for 24 hours and them slow smoked. Barbeque sauce is served on the side. Harry has 4 levels of sauce. They are tomato based with varying degrees of peppers. If you gander at the picture you will notice more peppers flakes as the heat level goes up. The X-hot has large chunks of peppers. This was my sauce of choice. It had so much flavor with a good kick of heat. It is not for the timid. I ordered the Beef Ribs and Ms. Goofy had a pulled pork sandwich.
The pulled pork sandwich was tender and smokey. The meat was piled so high there was enough for two meals . Ms. Goofy sneaked a little of my cole slaw to make her sandwich complete. She gave it two paws up.

Where should I start with the beef ribs. These were actually beef short ribs.Yes, they were more than huge. The meat fell off the bone. There was a chewy bark that was basically meat candy. The center was moist and had flavor that would put any filet mignon to shame. The sauce was not really needed on these meat mammoths. It only added another delicious dimension.

All the side dishes are home made. My baked beans were a treat. They were sweet little morsel of comfort.Freshly baked corn bread muffins were a treat We rounded our feast with some home made peach cobbler. It was warmed and served with some fresh cream. 'Oboy' . They have numerous pies to try or bring home.

We cannot wait to return. Our experience was pleasurable and filling. The food proportions served here will guarantee a second meal at home. This is my kind of barbeque restaurant.


Portola Middle School Jazz Workshop with 12 year old Haley Slamon at vocals


Andrew said...

That looks fantastic, and the recommendation means all that much more coming from a true expert!

Zoomie said...

Great barbecue and good music, too! That kid has pipes!

Greg said...

I've got some killer Mole Amarillo but now I want barbecue instead.

Chilebrown said...

It was some great stuff twice. I am inspired to fire up the smoker this coming weekend.

I have a feeling, We will here more from Haley down the road. She plays good piano too. You can see her sing a killer version of Carol King,'Beautiful' on youtube.