Chilebrown at home

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Today we are in 'Big Daddy's House. This is Food Networks Aaron McCargo Junior's venture on selling Wright Brand Bacon. We are sponsored today by Wright Brand Bacon. We are going to cook up a bunch of Wright Brand Bacon and sample one of Big Daddy's recipes. We have invited some serious food critics to sample this bacon extravaganza. The Reverend Biggles and son 'Tiny E' ,who is not so tiny any more, are in the house. James Campers, renowned chili champion, Chef of the Crockett Bass Club and designated driver has graced our presence for this baconpalooza. Four different bacon's will be cooked and a recipe endorsed and prepared by Big Daddy will be sampled. Of course there will be a little Chilebrown twist by ways of the Beehive Oven today.

There are four bacon's to try today. Apple Wood Smoked, Smoked, Maple and Pepper bacon will be cooked outdoors in the Mad Meat Genius barbeque cove. It is a beautiful day and I want to drive the neighbors crazy with bacon smells wafting through out their abode. The beehive has been stoked to cook our Chicken roulade. This roulade has bacon of course, spinach, cheese and a kiss of chipotle peppers. I will let Aaaron Mc. Cargo tell you all about it.

Wow that was kool. Now lets check out the 'Mad Meat Genius' out door kitchen. We had a three burner propane stove stocked with plenty of black iron. James was the designated bacon turner. The Beehive was smokin and we put our roulades in for a spankin of fire. Fast forward a couple of adult beverages later and we had the makings of a bacon banquet. Tiny E was happy with some bacon goodness. The Maple bacon was the hands down favorite. The smell combined with a killer sweet and smokey taste. The pepper bacon was a close second. This bacon had a little bite that delivered. So many bacon's and such a good time.

Aaron McCargo Jr. sure knew what he was talkin about with this bacon stuffed ,wrapped, masterpiece. Dr. Biggles actually liked it even know there was some spinach in the middle. (Reverend Biggles is vegetable challenged). This was a fun afternoon. Wright Brand bacon is a bacon worth giving a try. Thanks to one and all!!!!

Photos by Dr. Biggles


Zoomie said...

Love the picture of Tiny E - very special! The whole event sounds tailor-made for you!

Chilebrown said...

Hey Zoomie, I do not have your number. We would like to share the next event with you!

meathenge said...

This was a most excellent day! In fact, it was the best day of the weekend. We had a great time and CB really dug deep and pulled out some great food for the day. I"d do that again!


Zoomie said...

Wow, great! I'll send it along. Thanks for thinking of us!

Greg said...


Is that skillet on the left the mystery one you couldn't identify?

From the side that handle sure looks like an old Vollrath and the ears (pouring spouts) are rather Vollrath looking too.

They made cast iron from the 1920s to the 1960s. Always by hand.

No longer a UFO in my book.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I am not sure the pan is that old. I will send you a better picture. It used to be my favorite pan until you steered me to the one in the middle. That is my everyday pan now.