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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ms. Goofy and Chilebrown are vacationing in Scotts Valley visiting some friends in Northern California. A pleasant afternoon lunch and liquid refreshments were enjoyed at the Etna Brewing Company. Etna Ca. is a historical area that is located on a historic route from California to Oregon. There have been numerous breweries to quench the thirst of travelers and settlers on this route. The latest brewery is a great lunch and liquid refilling station.
We met the 'Brewmeister and Brewmissus', Bill Behm and Debra, award winning brewers. They were enthusiastic and fun with a tour of the brew area. They recommended trying the 'Clubfoot Ale'. It was made from hops growing in front of the brewpub. It also tipped the meters at 10% alcohol. This was some smooth tasting brew. It just had a very hoppy kick with a smooth finish. You would never guess the octane level was so high. Ms. Goofy had a 'Mossback IPA.' This brew was a hoppy treat also.
The Etna Brewing Company is a small brewery that has some great beer. They have a lunch menu that will rock your boat. Ms. Goofy had the killer tortilla soup. I think they only distribute beer locally in California. If you are privileged to happen upon Etna Ca. give them a visit. You can visit the website at:


Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

Great post, I love local flavor stories, even if I am 1,500 miles away

Thanks for the post

Chilebrown said...
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Chilebrown said...

Hi, A Year on the Grill, We always make it a point to search out Brewpubs and Meatmarkets on our journies. I will talk about some of our meatadventures later. Take care. Chilebrown

Zoomie said...

Love the photo of the brewmeister and his missus - they look like happy, proud people.