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Sunday, January 17, 2010


"Finally a pancake mix, fit for a real Bacon Freak!"

These were the magical words to get my purchase. This crazy creation is the from It sound just too good to be true. Well it was! The pancake mix comes in two packets. There is the dry mix and a foil sealed bacon bits package. The instructions are simple enough. All you do is add one cup of water and stir. The bacon bits are then added. We fired up the griddle of our trusty Wolf and cooked some bacon on the side. You can never get enough bacon.

The bacon bits package was opened first. We needed to try the bits on their own. Sure enough, they were little pieces of bacon. I popped one in my mouth and was hit with a salt bomb. They also had a little off metallic flavor. This was not the flavor we were craving. We went ahead and followed the instructions. The pancakes cooked very nicely.

The pancakes did not hit the mark. The actual pancake batter was very tasty. It was sweet with maple flavor and almost cake like, like pancakes should be. The bacon bits just threw the flavor off. It is a good thing we cooked some bacon on the side. The 'pepper bacon' on the side was from 'Willow Glen Meats & Smokehouse'. (Bacon Revue next week). Next time, We will use our own bacon and ingredients just like real 'Bacon Freaks'.


Chris said...

Great idea, difficult execution, it sounds like. I think your idea (doing it with your own batter and bacon) is a winner though.

Zoomie said...

Did you see the Chronicle this morning? Nice bacon article.

Greg said...

Maybe the bacon bits were vegan which would 'splain why they tasted like &#%+ !

Chilebrown said...

Chris, come on over and I will make you bacon pancakes.

Zoomie, I just read it. I am glad about the popularity of bacon. I do have problems with using buzz words like artisan,boutique,etc and then charging 12/pound.The majority of our meat adventure are to local producers. They make some of the best products and charge a fraction of the Bay Area prices.

Greg, Maybe, I know 'baco-bits' do not contain meat

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of bacon in pancakes, with some maple syrup mmmmm. I agree, some bacon bits are so odd.

Anonymous said...

Chilibrown: I just saw your comment on my blog about the Oregon wine vs. Colorado wine, so thought I'd hope over here and answer so you don't have to go back and find my reply. We are very partial to Oregon Wines. We've been on extensive wine tasting trips two summers in a row and have fallen in love with the area and the quality of the wine. Colorado wine is ok, I've had a few that I like. I just need to take the time to learn more about it. We currently only own one bottle and probably have about 100 bottles of Oregon wine in the basement. Erath is a fabulous producer. I'm normally a red wine drinker and since the recipe only called for one cup of white wine, instead of running to the store for a cheaper white, just drank the rest of a wonderful Pinot Gris. My favorite Oregon Pinot Noir is Maysara Delara. :::::don't get me started on Oregon Wine, I'll talk your leg off...or I guess that would be type your leg off??? :-)

Chilebrown said...

We like Oregon wine too. It is kind of funny because we live 25 minutes away from Napa. They both are good.

cookiecrumb said...

"All Things Bacon" may have finally gone too far.
I'm sleeping on bacon sheets.