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Friday, April 2, 2010


We made it. It was clear sailing over the Sierra's. The roads were fairly clear of snow. Ms. Goofy was relieved because she hates putting on the chains. Once we rolled into town, we noticed the "The Brewery at Lake Tahoe". Micro beer was just what the doctor ordered. The IPA was very tasty. The Brewery has a restaurant that specializes in pizza. The aroma was intoxicating. We may have to return. Tonight we are looking for a some fine dining. We are searching for a serious meat fix.

We checked in at our Casino/Resort and proceeded to donate our paychecks to the tables. It looks like a ghost town in these gambling halls. We cruised around surveying the numerous steak house emporiums. We decided on "19 Kitchen-Bar" located in 'Harvey's'. This restaurant is located on the 19 floor of the resort. It has a beautiful view of the lake. We witnessed a spectacular sunset. The food was just an added bonus to this show. We both had large pieces of protein accompanied with Asparagus and donuts. What a feast.

Today we are going to embark on a Meat Adventure. We have 4 scheduled stops. I hope we brought enough ice chests.


Kailyn said...

Sounds like Ms. Goofy is going to have a fabulous birthday weekend. Tell that I send birthday greetings. And I can't wait for the meat reports.

cookiecrumb said...

You went to South Lake Tahoe? I'm too yuppie to go there. They won't let me in.
Happy meat hunt.

Chilebrown said...

Kailyn, We are having a lot of fun. It is snowing a blizzard right now. We may have to stay an extra couple of days, I hope!

Andrew, Yeah baby, It is tough deciding what fancy joint to eat at next.

Cookiecrumb, Are you sure? Most of the license plates up here are from Marin. I think they took down your "Wanted Poster".

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Ms. Goofy! It sounds like the perfect trip, especially the being snowed in part ;-)

Zoomie said...

Sounds tailor-made for the two of you - glad you're having fun.

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

It's great to recharge...

and a restaurant that serves asparagus and doughnuts!!!