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Friday, April 23, 2010


It is Thursday night. What a great excuse to go to the 'City', grab a bite and see a show. We won free tickets to see 'Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack" at the 'Marines Memorial Theater'. We had a big decision of which one of the hundreds of great restaurants to eat. Guy Fieri of 'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives' helped us with our decision. He visited a great Dive Bar located in the Outer Richmond district of San Francisco. The Tee-Off Bar & Grill is a local watering hole that just so happens to serve some fantastic grub. We watched the clip below and it was a done deal.

I still have not learned my lesson about bringing a back up camera. After taking a not so good opening shot the battery died. Luckily this clip will show you exactly what we ordered. The pork chop and mac & cheese were even better looking and tasting then the show. The pork chop plate was a symphony of colors and tastes. The yellow corn, green asparagus, achiote red with black hatch marked pork chop, multicolored apricot relish was all placed around a mound of white garlic mashed potatoes. This was a taste explosion. The mac & cheese was a cheesy gooey plate of comfort. This was washed down with some tasty micro beers. The prices were unbelievably reasonable. This was a true find!

Tee-Off Bar & Grill

Our bellies were bursting with comfort and joy while we watched the Rat Pack work their magic. It was a wonderful Thursday night. Next time I will bring a back up battery.


Anonymous said...

I love the "five-star dive bar" description. That pork chop looks and sounds unbelievable. I hope you try to recreate it and post about it. Fabulous concoction.

Speaking of rat pack, ours just got more interesting. gawd, I can't believe I'm already talking football and it's not even May.

meathenge said...

OH COOL !!! Some day I'll venture out from under my rock and investigate.

xo, Biggles

Chilebrown said...

highandranchfoodie, Yes, that sounds like fun recreating that dish. There was a lot of flavor going on.
John Elway reminds me of a rat. I probably can never set foot in Denver for saying that.

Rev. Biggles, You set the time and we will come pick you up for food adventures!

Zoomie said...

That looks like a _great_ evening! My Beloved loves the Rat Pack, too, so maybe I should get him tickets for Father's Day? The diner looks finer!

Chilebrown said...

Ms. Goofy and I enjoyed the show so very much. We knew all the songs. It was a glimpse to a past era. Too much fun.

Greg said...

I saw that on Triple D and fell in love.One of these days.