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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hey, wait a minute, that is an Amaryllis. This image was a lot prettier than the final image of the pork loin. The Amaryllis may be beautiful but it will not compare to the taste of this bacon wrapped pork loin. The wood fire oven was stoked with almond wood to cook this hunk of pork love. Some bacon that was imported from Butlers will cradle, protect, and baste the loin from the intense ring of fire. Our good friend, Reverend Biggles has always preached on the salvation of a meat trivet. He was preaching to the choir because we used a trivet consisting of cubed potatoes. This will elevate the meat from the bottom of its cooking vessel. "Let the Fire Fall!"

The pork loin was cleaned of all silver skin. It was then seasoned generously with salt, pepper and some mild chili powder. The bacon was wrapped around the roast and tied with string. A russet potato was chopped into large cubes. We left the skin on. Salt & pepper, and a whole lot of olive oil was rubbed over this potato trivet. A thermometer was inserted through the center of the roast. The trivet and roast was placed into a ceramic vessel. The fire was built and we relaxed.

The wood fire oven does not have a temperature control. It takes a little practice to get your fire to the proper cooking heat. I have had a tendency to build too big a fire. The thermometer is our saviour. The roast was placed in the oven and the door was closed. Ten minutes later, Ms. Goofy smelled a burning aroma. Some tin foil was placed over the roast and all was well. When the temperature hit 144 the roast was removed to the kitchen for a 15 minute rest.

The roast was perfect, juicy and delicious. The bacon sacrificed itself to the ring of fire to protect the roast. It was a sort of burnt bacon jerky. The potatoes were crunchy on the outside and tender inside. They were basted with the bacon and pork juices. This trivet served its purpose and delivered a heavenly side dish. You know, We are having a lot of fun!


meathenge said...

OH YEAH !!! While I did have luscious pork chops for dinner, I did not dress them with bacon.

Trivets rule.

xo, Biggles

Greg said...

Bacon makes life better. Probably the main reason I could not be a vegetarian.

Zoomie said...

Love the potato trivet idea - must try that! Makes me hungry just looking at it!

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of trivets too, although I used potatoes before. Gonna have to try it!

Chris said...

Bacon is so brave, the way it took one for the team. Sniff sniff.