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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Chris Lilly is one of my favorite BBQ celebrities. He has won numerous BBQ championships. He is a television personality and the ‘Corporate Pitmaster’ for ‘Kingsford Charcoal”. This last October I had the privilege to meet this barbeque icon in person at the “American Royal BBQ Championship”. He took the time to meet, greet and pose with yours truly. He was a gentleman and very personable. Chris Lilly is in charge of an award winning restaurant; ‘Big Bob Gibson’s of Decatur, Alabama. ‘Big Bob Gibson’s’ has a signature white sauce. This is a mayonnaise and vinegar based barbeque sauce that hat been around since 1925. It is used to coat barbequed chicken. It is very unique and may be a regional and an acquired taste. We have tried it in the past and were not to happy. After meeting Chris Lilly and realizing he is a ‘Barbeque Superstar’ we decided to give the White Sauce another shot.

The ingredients listed are basically herbs, vinegar and ingredients that create mayonnaise. Herbed mayonnaise with a vinegar spike is all she wrote. We fired up our trusty portable grill with Kingsford charcoal briquettes. The wings were lightly dusted with our favorite rub. Once the wings were done they were doused in the white sauce.
  The wings were spicy from the rub and smoky from the grill. The White Sauce was not so very terrible, but it was not our cup of tea. Barbeque and mayonnaise is a concept that I personally cannot grasp. The sauce did taste good with our vegetables and would probably make a good salad dressing. Chris Lilly is still a celebrity in our book and we gave the ‘White Sauce a second chance. It sure was fun to fire up the grill!!!!!!!!!!!


Zoomie said...

Glad you could keep an open mind, but that sounds just plain icky to me. Save it for other applications?

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Icky is a little strong. I would say different. I think on a salad it would be fine.

cookiecrumb said...

It looks a little messy, but I bet it tastes great. Don't you love dipping Buffalo wings in that blue cheese dressing made with mayo?

Greg said...

I think that kind of sauce is a statewide thing in Alabama.

I've never tried it but I'm no mayo lover anyways.

Chilebrown said...

Cookiecrumb, It does not taste great. Imagine pouring an extra shot of vinegar in that blue cheese dressing. I still have half a bottle left if you would like to give it a try.

Greg, I have heard that too. I know why it has not spread to other states.

Chris said...

I got to taste this made by Chris himself earlier this year in a BBQ class and it was some of the best chicken I have ever tasted. I like it when I make it too, but his was even better.

But it is definitely a personal preference kind of thing. I've don't use mine as a finishing sauce (despite the instructions), I use it as a glaze during cooking.

I can understand why it's not for everyone.

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

You got to make this from scratch. The bottled stuff doesn't hold a candle to it.

Chilebrown said...

Chris & WhiteTrashBBQ, Both of you agree that you need to make it from scratch. Both of you are 'BBQ Superstars', so I guess I will have to make some 'White Sauce' myself. Thanks

cookiecrumb said...

Eek! OK, never mind.