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Sunday, December 26, 2010


What are Burnt Ends? How come, on the West Coast nobody cooks this delicious barbeque dish? The ‘Point’ end of a brisket is cooked to the temperature of one hundred and ninety degrees in your favorite smoker. This roast is rested and then sliced in to cubes of meat joy. A little more rub is added to the meat and it is put back into the smoker. Barbeque sauce is added and cooked a little longer to finish this meat candy.

Brisket and especially the point end are not easy to find on the West Coast. A brisket consists of two distinct areas of the flat and the point. The point end of brisket has more fat that equals flavor. This cut of meat is a staple in Texas and the Midwest. Ms. Goofy and I discovered Burnt Ends on our “Strange and Wonderful trip to Kansas for the ‘American Royal Barbeque Championship. All barbeque restaurants in Kansas served burnt ends. We were hooked and had to recreate this dish at home.
  A combination of maple and apple wood was our smoking material. We started the cooking process the night before. It took 14 hours to bring this baby to temperature. When we took it out of the smoker I almost fainted right there because it smelled so dang good. It was cut into cubes and some more of my favorite rub was added. It was sauced and cooked an hour longer. Patience is very difficult when you smell the aroma emitting from the cooking vessel.

Meat Candy is all she wrote. These little meat pillows are smoky, oh so tender and satisfying. The edge of these cubes are caramelized with flavor that has to be experienced.. This dish will be added to the memorable meals of our culinary memory banks. Ah! Who needs a green egg anyway?


Chris said...

I haven't had burnt ends since last Christmas....sigh.

cookiecrumb said...

Love burnt ends. We have a new BBQ restaurant, a chain, Roadside, in San Rafael. They sell decent burnt ends! (Not seeing it on their Web menu, though.)

No green egg? Boo. Green weenie for Santa.

Anonymous said...

That looks delish! Strange, but I've not seen burnt ends on any restaurant in Dallas. Must be a KC thang.

Chilebrown said...

Chris, We hope have them again real soon.

cookiecrubm, ah who needs a green egg anyway.

Zia, I thought Texas was the brisket capital USA. Everybody in KC served them.

Zoomie said...

You do seem to create killer meals even without a green egg. I'm heading over to Marin to try burnt ends at Cookiecrumb's recommended place - soon!

Greg said...

Given your vast array of outdoor cooking toys what could you do with an Egg that you can't do with something you already own?

PS - This is the reasoning I used to squash my desire for a ceramic cooker. So far so good.

Greg said...

Cubes of meat joy about says it all. I made a tri-tip on my ancient Weber using white oak wood chips from Jack Daniels aging barrels.I should have taken a photo. It is now just a memory in one night.

Chef JP said...

I'm a big (or pig) supporter of Burnt Ends!