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Friday, December 9, 2011


These little tiny cauliflower heads caught my eye at the market the other day. Actually the fava’s beans were my first choice. A bag of both vegetables were purchased from this Santa Rosa, California farmer. A little nibble of this brassica oleracea produced a sweet flavor on the old taste buds. This will be a good candidate for the grill.

The preparation was simple. The outer green leaves of the cauliflowers were plucked and discarded. The tiny heads were blanched in boiling salted water briefly. Once drained and patted dry, a sprinkling of a prepared barbeque rub was applied. We have a handy grill basket that works great keeping the smaller food items from falling through the grates.
Smokey, sweet, a little crunchy made this vegetable a great accompaniment to our meal. Sometimes I actually enjoy vegetables. Did I just say that?


Zoomie said...

Brilliant! I need to try that - and soon, while there's still grilling weather left.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I had a feeling you would like that. Give it a try. All weather is grilling weather. Sometime Ms. Goofy just gets a little wet holding the umbrella.

cookiecrumb said...

I like that too! Have a pair of cauliflowers in the fridge, in fact. (One is for soup, with tofu and cheese, blended.)

Word verification is flymoth.

Greg said...

The photo with the smoke rising is crazy cool. Not going over to the vegetarian side are you?

Chilebrown said...

Greg, There are a couple of mushrooms and smome bacon sausage from Lockeford meats. Not seen is a beautiful beer can chicken. I like to use the whole grill. Thanks for the compliment!

Cookiecrumb, I love cauliflower jalapeno cheese soup made with Velveeta. Yummy1

meathenge said...

Well, it looks as though you and Tami Numnums have the same opinion on Spare the Air Days here in the Bay Area. That coupled with a really nice completely huge tarp over my outdoor cooking are, it looks as though Meathenge Labs will be grilling and smoking non-stop throughout the winter!
While I haven't been grilling the veggies, we've been doing tons on the roasted veggie front. It makes them palatable. xo, Biggles