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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Yesterday we embarked on a mini-meat adventure to Sonoma County. We had the destination of Willowside Meats to pick up our pre-ordered ‘Prime”, prime rib roast. This roast has been aging in their meat lockers. This will be a New Years treat for celebration of the holiday. On our way to Santa Rosa we would be driving by our good friend Angelo, the owner of Angelo’s Smokehouse. It just would not be a meat adventure without visiting our friend.

Angelo was in the process of loading up his smoker with various fish. He had freshly caught salmon, tuna, and trout. These fish had been soaking in a secret brine. They were rinsed with fresh water and then coated with spices and brown sugar. This brined and spiced fish will visit his smoker for several hours and smoky treats will emerge. We observed and conversed with Angelo. I made the mistake of telling Angelo about our pre-ordered roast from Willowside. “Why go there, when you can get the besta here!” barked Angelo in his broken English. Oh boy did I have a foot stuck in my mouth. He stormed to his meat locker and returned with cooked prime rib roast. He took a huge knife and sliced a large cut from the roast. It was heated and we all sampled this delicious cut of meat. After a libation, some laughs and several more meat treat snacks we all shook hands and were best friends once again. We purchased a marinated tri-tip roast which is one of Angelo’s signature dishes.

We picked up our roast from Willowside. It is a beauty. Do not tell Angelo, because, I think he was a little hurt that we went to the competitor. We did cook up our tri-tip last evening. This is one special cut of meat. It is easy to cook and the results are stellar. Angelo is a master of the butcher trade.

Angelo's Meat and Sausage


Zoomie said...

Oops! However, it sounds like you came out smelling like a rose.

cookiecrumb said...

Nice tri tip. It's Meat Week!

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I am in trouble. Angelo reads but does not comment. Lucklly he knows that we are his number one fans.

cookiecrumb, Is it meaty, big and bouncy week? Yes, it was the best tri-tip ever.

Zoomie said...

For him and Meathenge, it's always Meat Week.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, For him, yes you are correct. Dr. Biggles I am not so sure anymore. He is going into a stage of his life were baking and vegetables have consumed him. I think his last article was about a big ole cream puff. I think an intervention may be necessary.

Chris said...

I wish I had the option of choosing between two quality meat artisans.