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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ms. Goofy celebrated her 29 birthday once again. I have not always been the best judge of gift giving in the past. She did not like the lawnmower, which was a top of the line, self propelled beauty of a grass muncher last year. All this has changed with her birthday present this year. Ms. Goofy loves cheese. ‘Cheese of the Month’ just made sense. This is not your ordinary processed run of the mill variety of cheese but ‘Artisan’ cheese selected by ‘Cowgirl Creamery’ of Pt. Reyes Station, California. Each month three cheeses will be selected and shipped to our front door. Her first shipment included a bamboo cutting board and several specialty cheese knifes. This month the selections included; ‘Dante’, (An aged sheeps milk cheese from the Wisconsin.), ‘Pawlet’ (A creamy goats milk cheese from Vermont) and ‘Midnight Moon’ (An aged goats milk cheese in the Gouda style from Arcata, Ca.). Ms. Goofy is enjoying her birthday present. I am patting myself on the back for now but will be preparing for Ms. Goofy’s 29 birthday next year soon.


Kailyn said...

Happy birthday Ms. Goofy! That looks like a wonderful gift.

Zoomie said...

We women hang on to good guys like you, knowing that sooner or later you will understand the birthday thing. You did great this year - you get a gold star!

Greg said...

A lawnmower?

You spoil that woman, a weedwacker is also a fine gift.

Greg said...

Happy B-day! I certainly can't think of a better present.

Chilebrown said...

Kailyn, Ms. Goofy loves cheese and her gift.
Zoomie, It was a top of the line lawnmower.
Greg, Yes, The tune-up on the car did not work either.
Greg, This birthday was special. Ms. Goofy also retired.

Toons said...

Happy Birthday to Ms. Goofy! I hope this next trip around the sun is the best yet! Congrats on the retirement too, Cheers!

cookiecrumb said...

Really nice!
Happy birthday, Madame La Gouffe.