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Sunday, April 8, 2012


What the heck, everybody needs some ‘Damn Fine Bacon’. This bacon is a specialty treat to be only found in the Bay Area California. It may even be illegal to buy this designer, craft, one of a kind, natural cured swine. This bacon needs to be ordered and picked up at two secret locations on either side of our Bay. Is may be worth the effort for this special treat.

We ordered of a three month subscription that set us back 45 dollars on PayPal. Twelve dollars and change a pound may be a very cheap price when you factor in the Bay Area ‘Sin Tax’. They do throw in a special gift of streaky bacon or ham with every subscription order. You pick up your bacon at a secret location and ours was at “Craftsmen Style” house in Oakland. Our bacon was located in a specialty marked ice cooler on the porch.

How does it taste? When you open this special package, we smelled an aroma of cured smoked corned beef. The aroma was of pickling spices and vinegar. Of course it was put to the fire on our trusty black iron skillet. This bacon had a lot of sugar content so we cooked it on a very low heat. The meat to fat ratio was heavy on the meat.

Crisp, sweet, meaty with a slug of salt is the combination that we ask for in bacon and these rashers delivered. This was a good ration of sugar to salt. These slices were on the meaty side and we were happy. What a fun treat. We are looking forward to next months supply. Live life large and order some yourself!!!!!

Damn Fine Bacon


Zoomie said...

A bacon treasure hunt! Lucky you!

cookiecrumb said...

The bacon looks really damn fine! Swoon.
Hey, mi esposo says he saw you and the retarded Ms. Goofy (sorry!) this morning at the market, where it was too cold to linger. Hope you had a good shop. We got strawberries and peas. Wonder if they'd be good together.

Greg said...

Underground bacon! Looks tasty.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I like this treasure hunt.

cookiecrumb, We got jumbo asparagus and asparagus ravioli. My beard is almost a full as Cranky's.

Greg, It is tasty and will be looking forward to next months selection.

Chris said...

Underground or black market bacon, I love it.