Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The wind has vanished and the skies are blue. The BBQ competitors say their cooking went smoother last night thanks to the absence of the breeze. Yesterday was just a warm-up for today’s barbeque battle. Ms. Goofy and I still have a smile on our face from yesterday’s sampling and scoring of some fantastic smoked meats. Eating bbq two days in a row may be a stretch for some but it is a pleasure for us. You must learn to pace yourself. A good healthy bite out of each sample is required. It is so tempting to take that second and third nibble.  If we ate all the meats that were presented to us it would be approximately six pounds total. Oh my!

Was it the wind or yesterdays warm-up? Today’s turn-in of meat was spectacular. I have never had such tasty brisket. Beefy, tender, and sometimes a burnt end thrown in had me swooning with meaty delight. Scoring a nine is the highest score a judge can give. I could have had a rubber 9 stamp to use on my scorecard. I will admit that I took that second and third nibble today.

There was a good crowd enjoying the eats and music. Lots of happy shoppers strolled the venue while being treated to some fun music. The ice cream booth was tempting but I did not have any more notches left on my belt. We (I) were so full we did not even visit the microbrewery. (A Chilebrown first)

Today the Grand Champion was the team of “Woodhouse BBQ”. Congratulations to Woodhouse and everybody involved in this event. What a great day! Brentwood sure knows how to throw a BBQ event. I think I am starting to get hungry.


Zoomie said...

We had BBQ pork butt yesterday, lovingly tended overnight every two hours by a dedicated friend. With cole slaw and a vinegary-lightly spicy sauce, it was truly mouth-watering. So, I have an idea of how good your day was, too, even though I wasn't there.

Greg said...

Good golly that is a lot of Green Egg bbqs. Hot fun in the summertime!

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I am glad you enjoyed your meal. Pulled pork and cole slaw is one of my favorites.

Greg, It is pretty impresive all those eggs. Someday I may own an egg.