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Thursday, May 31, 2012


We all have our hero’s who influence and inspire. Harry Soo is a BBQ competitor and guru of all meats smoked. Teacher, competitor, father, T.V. personality, and philosopher Harry wears many hats. Harry Soo has dialed in the right formula to win multiple BBQ competitions. Harry takes an analytical approach to his victories . He will use data such as cooking times, recipes, and presentation technique to determine the optimal formula to create the winning barbeque equation. The wonderful thing about Harry is that he shares this information. Harry teaches barbeque classes and will always offer some advice. He may hold back on some of his ultimate secrets but wouldn’t you. Harry also has an attitude about barbeque that is refreshing and motivating. Below is an excerpt from an interview with Harry from ‘Burn Blog’

Burn! Blog: You’ve said your objective is to spread happiness through barbecue. Why barbecue for that instead of something else? What about barbecue makes you happy?

HS: “I roamed this planet for 50 years wondering what was my purpose in life. Is it just to live a comfortable life or is there something more? Mrs. Walton said ‘It’s not what you gather that’s important but what you give away.’ I’ve been given this talent at a late age in life and I know in my heart that I have this talent, because it is really a means to my real ends, which is to spread happiness by sharing my barbecue skill and knowledge.
  It doesn’t matter how many zeros you have in your bank account, how many cars or houses you own, as all these are temporary. We all are headed to the same place and when you get there, you can’t take any of these material things with you. When people tell me they don’t feel loved, I ask them when was the last time they gave love. All that goes around comes around and you won’t receive love if you don’t give it first. BBQ is a pure form of giving sincere love. If you cook it from your heart, you are spreading love.
At the moment of reckoning, we realize that there are only 3 things that are important because they are eternal: 1) love – the experience to receive love and give love, 2) memories of all the good times, 3) relationships we cultivated with friends, family, and pets. When I cook BBQ, I feel happy and I connect heart to heart with my students or CBJs (Certified Barbecue Judges) as I transfer my positive energy into the food I cook.

We all need a hero. Harry Soo fills the bill with shining stars. He motivates me to achieve barbeque greatness. Harry is a passionate and driven man. He is an inspiration. Wow!


Zoomie said...

Nice tribute!

cookiecrumb said...

Very nice! I give love to Harry Soo.
Heck of a job, Brownie.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Thanks.

cookiecrumb, Is the Asparagus gone?

cookiecrumb said...

Of course it's gone! But I just harvested three artichokes from the front yard.

Unknown said...

Harry empowers others to share the love with BBQ.Think about it, do you ever see anybody unhappy when their mouth is full of BBQ?