Chilebrown at home

Friday, July 20, 2012


We have been picking cherry tomato's for several weeks now.. Cherry tomato's are great in sauces and salads but are not preferable for our favorite sandwich. Our patience has finally been rewarded with the ripening of this beauty. Some pork bellies were cured and smoked in anticipation of this event. A loaf of fresh bread was picked up at our local pizza parlor. Let the BLT's begin.


Zoomie said...

My sad little tomato plant yielded its first fruit this week, too. I need to get some bacon.

Chilebrown said...

zoomie, I think you need to take a trip to Baron's for some Nueske. Better yet, try making your own. I have some spices you can use.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie, you'd be very pleased if you made your own bacon. It's not tricky at all.

Lea Ann said...

We always celebrate our first tomato with a BLT. It's the best sandwich in the world! I've got some green tomatoes, it may be a couple of weeks, unless our heat speeds up ripening?

Greg said...

Sweet! Our first tomato was consumed faster than I could say Nikon.

Chilebrown said...

Lee Ann, I am guessing that your growing season is short. We typically have an Indian summer, so we will have a larger crop later. I cannot wait till we make salsa.

Greg, You have great photo skills and will have subjects shortly.