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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We live in the small town of Rodeo, California. Downtown is a whopping three blocks long. We have a post office, couple of restaurants, little league field, barber, Lakeman’s Club and believe it or not we are Starbucks free. Where do all the locals go for breakfast? Flippy’s is our destination for a good old fashioned Diner style breakfast. Flippy’s also hosts an informal daily coffee fueled meeting of local residents, fisherman and workers. This will also be a good place to continue our search for great pork chops.

Walking into Flippy’s was a step back to the 50’s. There are a lot of baseball memorabilia and a mural depicting the history of Rodeo on the wall.  Clean and tidy counter or old style diner booths are your choice of seats. This is a family run operation that only had a fry cook and friendly server at our visit. There were only a few customers, so we must have missed the morning meeting. The menu is pretty standard breakfast fair. We placed our order and received our bottomless coffee mug.

Deep fried pork chops with biscuits and gravy is a hearty combination that will bring the cholesterol police to your heart. This breakfast was tasty and filling. I love pork chops. A coating of bread crumbs and a trip to the fryolater and I am in pork heaven. The biscuits were fluffy but the gravy probably took a trip through the microwave. This plate will not win any trophy’s but was tasty, filling, and comforting. Ms. Goofy had a ham and cheese omelet and ate every morsel.

Flippy’s is our local treasure. They serve only breakfast and lunch. The staff is friendly and warm. This is a restaurant were everybody knows your name. The food will not win any awards but is good standard diner fair. If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop on by and sample some of Rodeo’s charm.

240 Parker Av.
Rodeo, Ca. 94572
510 799-4400


Zoomie said...

Every now and then, I love a breakfast like that in a restaurant like that. They are few and far between, now.

Greg said...

Holy cholesterol police Batman!That looks like my kind of place.Frankly I would go there just because of the name. Flippy's must be named after some politician.

cookiecrumb said...

Where is Rodeo?

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, We can walk to Flippy's

Greg, You got me there. I know us locals talk politics too much sometimes.

cookiecrumb, Where is Rodeo? I wonder sometimes. I will just say it is East of Marin.

Chris said...

I do think that might be one of the most beautiful plates I have ever seen. Like chicken fried steak but better.