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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Welcome to Montague, Siskiyou County, (Jefferson) California. The Montague ‘Rotary Club’ hosted the ‘Siskiyou Beef Country Cook-off, a KCBS sanctioned inaugural event. The town rolled out the red carpet for the visiting cooks, judges, and hungry public. Montague is a small town with a large and welcoming heart. Montague at one time was a hub for bringing cattle from Nevada, Oregon and California to be loaded on the train. The town is no longer the bustling cow town it once was but the cowboy spirit lives on.

This event was so much more than just a barbeque cook-off. The local farmers market was held showcasing lavenders, honey and produce from the area. Free snow cones were distributed to the kids. I liked the cherry flavor myself. We were entertained by actors staging bank hold-ups firing realistic guns. Wow, those guns were loud. Tractor displays, monuments and just the ambiance of this old town made for a wonderful day.

What event in Northern California would not be complete without the Clampers attending? Yes, E.C.V. the red-shirted fraternal organization had a booth selling various food treats. The smell of barbeque would make anybody hungry. This pig roasting sure looked tempting.

Most important of all, this was a barbeque competition. Once again the judges were spoiled with an air-conditioned hall to perform our tasting and scoring. The outside temperature sweltered in the nineties. The cooks shocked and awed us with their award winning entries. Bill & Yvonne Sousa of the “Big B’s Down & Dirty” team were victorious, winning the trophy of Grand Champion. Congratulations you two!  Thanks to the ‘Montague Rotary Club’ for a great event. This contest has already been put on our calendar for next year.


Zoomie said...

You guys go every weekend! You should do a critique of the various events and tell us which one is best.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, You ask which event is the best and the answer is the one we are at.

Chilebrown said...

Cookiecrumb, Are you a member of the Marin chapter of the Clampers?

greatwhite hunter said...

Bacon b&*%^$ you are no longer dead to me. You are now very sick and in intensive care unit. You may call me. I will conside calling you back.GH

Chilebrown said...

greatwhitehunter, I called you yesterday and you did not return my call. I need a favor from you.