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Thursday, September 27, 2012


It has been a very long time since I have actually enjoyed going to work. My new job only requires me to show up one Friday a month. I am outdoors and am hanging out at a farmers market. It does require me to be there throughout the day. Around noon the stomach begins to rumble. What better or healthier place to eat than a farmers market? Sure we have fresh fruits and vegetables but we also have other food options. Today we will explore ‘Isabel’s Pupusas’ stand.

What is a pupusas? A pupusas is a traditional Salvadorian dish. It is a tortilla like cake made from masa that is filled with meat or cheese and fried on a griddle. Isabel’s will make a fresh pupusas to order. She has different combinations such as; cheese, cheese & meat, cheese & beans, zuchinni and loroco. I am not familiar with loroco but translated it means edible herb. I believe it is a flower of a plant and is on the bucket list to experience.

Place your order and watch Isabel pat out your pupusas. The smell wafting from the griddle is a comforting tortilla type smell. It definitely makes my mouth water. The pupusas is served with a home made vinegar based cole slaw. A spicy red hot sauce will be served on the side. The warm fried masa with its piping hot filling is a filling and satisfying lunch. The price for this home made treat is a whopping two dollars. What a deal.

Last week we gave away 1000 olive trees thanks to McEvoy farms. It was quit the site seeing all the shoppers walking around the market with their trees. If you are in Richmond on a Friday stop on by and say hello and have a papusas.


Greg said...

I love pupusas! Two jobs ago their was a lady who made them at home and sold them on the down low. My mouth waters....

Kailyn said...

You absolutely must try the loroco. Delicious.

Oh and the slaw is a pickled/fermented thing similar to kimchi. Not your average slaw.

My fave pupuseria in San Lorenzo closed. Now there's just one place in San Leandro that makes them. First had them from the roach coach that would show up at my first job. Majority of employees were Latino and I worked in HR. They took great pleasure in teaching me about the foods of their countries.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I have only had them several times but I love them. You cannot beat them when they are fresh off the grill.

Kailyn, Come on down to the market and I will buy you and Borris a loroco pupusas.

Chris said...

So are pupusas kind of like arepas?

Lea Ann said...

Our little Farmer's Market seems so lame compared to "good ones". I want a pupusa!

Chilebrown said...

Chris, I am not familiar with the arepa but according to the world wide web they are similar.

LeeAnn, They are quit good when they are hot off the grill. I am addicted.