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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The ice chest was overflowing with cheese purchases from Ms. Goofy’s Rumiano adventure. I was concerned that we would have no room for our Meat Adventure to Taylor’s Sausage in Cave Junction, Oregon. Cave Junction was little over an hours drive through a enchanted tree lined forest. It was a curvy narrow road with beautiful scenery to behold. We arrived in Cave Junction and found ‘Taylor’s Country Store’. This is the retail outlet and the actual factory is a couple of blocks away.

The outside of ‘Taylor’s Country Store’ is pretty plain. One could pass this by if they did not know of the Meat Palace’ inside. Once you are through the doors you will be amazed at how big this store actually is. To the right the walls are lined with meat stocked freezer cases. In the middle of the store is an island of counters surrounded by more meat lockers. In this island employees can assist you with your purchases. To the left is a huge dinning area with a kitchen in the back. In the dinning area racks of sundries, a lot that are local, are for purchase. After several seconds to get my bearings the meat purchasing began.

Where should I start? Hams, turkey, bacon, jerky and so many, I mean so many different types of sausage. Fresh, frozen, smoked, wieners & franks, cheese stuffed or not were several choices that fueled my dilemma. I tried to use restraint knowing the ice chest was half full of cheese or half empty of meat. One thing I noticed was the prices. Compared to the Bay Area the prices of the meat were very reasonable.

We had to rearrange the ice chest and dispose of some frosty beverages but we were able to share room to hold our bounty. We cooked some cheese filled hot dogs in our trusty black iron. They were delicious. Taylor’s Sausage is a great find in the Pacific Northwest. Cave Junction is a little over an hour from the coast and 30 minutes from I-5. It was worthy of a road trip and it is a good thing they have mail-order services. Some great looking bacon from Taylor’s will be on the plate soon.


Zoomie said...

I might have purchased another cooler to contain all that deliciousness. Nice road trip - did Lucy get to go along?

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, We were on vacation from retirement if that is possible. I am lucky that the 'President of Cookies' takes care of our hairy monsters.

cookiecrumb said...

That store looks amazing. I bet they get a lot of Meat Adventurers. :)

Greg said...

Road trippin!! Now I want hotdogs.

Chilebrown said...

Cookiecrumb, Southwestern Oregon is defiantly a road trip. Such a good find but so many miles.

Greg, The restaurant had biscuits and gravy that sure looked good. I had to save room for the clam chowder later.