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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Ribs, Ribs, Ribs, have played an important place in our lives and diet these last several weeks. W.C. Fields once said “I have never met a rib that I did not like”. Well I just made that saying up but it is hard sometimes to find a bad rib at the multiple arenas we attend. We are ‘Certified KCBS Barbeque Judges’ and we attend a lot of events on the West Coast. This week’s adventure was to the John Ascuaga’s Rib Cook-Off. All of our BBQ events are our favorites, but this week we are on un-officinal business to a festival that cannot be missed. Six days of ribs, sun, party, shopping, music and mass rib consumption is what this event is all about.

Ms. Goofy and I raced up to Sparks,Nevada in the ‘Racing Honda’  for the ribs and ‘Rib Eating ‘contest. Our favorite eater hero, Joey once again, ‘Schooled’ us in championship form with eating eight pounds of ribs in twelve minute, This inspiring event only made us want to consume, not in the Joey way, but the taste and savor mode of rib eating. We went booth to booth and possibly consumed  a lot more than Joey's eight pounds more or, less. (It felt like 12 pounds after our rib walk)

There is so much more than ribs, like deep fried pickles: battered with cornmeal and served with different dipping sauces. This would help cut the rib chain of damage, or may I say exhaustion of this rib journey. I jest. We could never grow tired of Ribs.

Ms. Goofy wanted a change of pace. Our change of pace was the “Harrah’s Steak House”.  This is an old school palace of meat and fine dining. We were  treated like Kings & Queens’ of this meat emporium and we loved it.

What a great middle of the week adventure. Ribs, Ribs, and possibly some more ribs made our several day rib excursion memorable. Oh, I did mention the Prime Rib side trip..


Zoomie said...

In the rib eating contest, are there bones in the ribs they eat, or has the meat been taken off? We are astonished that anyone could eat that much that fast with bones attached.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Yes these are rib bones. Joey has a technique were he strips the meat from the bone and then eats the meat. True Genius!

Greg said...

I really like the rib in hand photo! Ribs followed by steak oh my!

Chris said...

That's my kind of event. I've wanted to go to that one ever since seeing the Food Network show where they highlighted Sparks one year. When I see it now, I can't help but feel bummed about Butch's passing. He was such a nut.