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Friday, November 30, 2012


 We received several messages about the opening of a new meat market in Larkspur California. Belcampo Meat Company is our destination for today’s meat adventure. Belcampo is located across from the Golden Gate ferry terminal right next to ‘Marin Brewing Company”. Now that is what I am talking about, we can have our craft brewed micro beer, buy a steak for dinner and then take the ferry home. We could even dine at Belcampo because they have a sit down restaurant or take-out deli. I am liking this place before we have even stepped through the door.

 Belcampo calls their-selves a “‘Boutique Business’ that maintains a traditional butcher shop for consumers that are looking for exceptional taste and are responsible land and animal stewards.” Grass fed, pasture raised, safe, healthy, humane meat, delicious, organic, grass finished are selling points that are emphasized about Belcampo meats. We just want a steak.

The new modern sit down restaurant and market occupy the front of building while the take-out counter and butcher counter occupies the back. We met Chris Arentz; the head butcher that is culinary trained and has a passion for ’all things butchery’. He guided us through the meat case and answered our numerous meat specific questions. The selection of meats is still a work in process. I was disappointed that they did not have bacon, specific cuts of pork or house charcuterie to offer. Chris promised in the future bacon will be available. There was some good looking beef available, especially the bone-in New York strip.  A New York steak painted  deep dark red with exceptional fat marbling  called to us.

 After peppering Chris with questions and flashing him a Mad Meat Genius card he gifted us a tub of ‘Lardo Butter”. This was no ordinary butter. It was cured pork fat from the back loin that had been whipped and mixed with rosemary, thyme, garlic and salt & pepper. Lardo is Decadence with a capital D. This creamy, rich spread was sampled on some French bread. I have died and gone to pork fat heaven.

 As some of you know I am not the biggest fan of anything grass fed. I approached dinner with great reserve. This steak would have to be cooked to perfection. A dusting of salt & pepper and a hot grill will transform this pedigreed protein to our dinner plate. When this steak hit 120 degrees it was immediately taken off the grill and put to a covered plate to rest. WOW!!!!!! Tender with a  rich deep beefy flavor was something I did not expect. . The 27 day dry aging process, the minimal seasoning and precise cooking made this a memorable steak experience.

 Belcampo Meats is an establishment that needs further investigation. We were very happy with our New York steak. We are looking forward to trying the restaurant. We defiantly will return to sample the bacon. If you want to visit Belcampo’s meat counter be prepared to spend premium prices for some great beef. Give us a call before you go and we will take the ferry and meet you at the micro-brewery.

2406 Larkspur Landing Circle, Bldg 4
Larkspur, Ca. 94939
415 448-5810


Zoomie said...

So glad you enjoyed your pricey steak! We went for lunch yesterday.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Yeah imagine that, grass fed and all.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Thanks for the post Mr. Genius. Just another thing for the to do list the next time we come to the Bay Area. That pork fat spread looks sinful. I have had the same thing in Germany, only it is made with goose fat. Yum!

meathenge said...

Hmmm, looks like a worth while adventure. Although, I need to wait until their is bacon before I can head over. Shouldn't be too long. xo, Biggles

Chilebrown said...

pnathers76, This was a first for us. It is very rich. I am a fan now.

meathenge, Bring a wheelbarrow full of money. We are planning to return for bacon.

Greg said...

The lardo butter sounds wonderful. Dare I ask how the prices are? Southern Marin generally means money.

Chris said...

I can have a beer where I pick up my meat too, but the grocery store frowns on me slamming beers in the meat aisle ;) :)

The one butcher we have pales in comparison to any of yours.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, You can probably walk there. Read reply to meathenge.

Chris, This micro-brewery has some hoppy good swill.