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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Farmers markets are a  big part of my life. You many even say I am a farmers market junkie. If we are not judging at bbq contests, if I am not Managing the Friday's 'Richmond Farmers Market', we will probably be at a market somewhere in Northern California. I would like to share the location of a very nice market located under a busy freeway in Sacramento. This market takes place on Sunday mornings. It is probably wise to arrive early because this market draws a crowd. You will understand the draw once you have experienced the variety and prices of this market.

Sacramento can get very hot in the summer. This shaded location is a welcome relief from the heat.Stone fruits are in season. Peaches, nectarines perfume this shopping arena. Fragrant melons will entice you to purchase. We found some great yellow corn. When is the last time you have found yellow corn at the farmers market? We were on a mission searching for a specific vendor: John Bledsoe.

John Bledsoe is a pig farmer from Woodland that has some of the best pork around. We have enjoyed his pork on several occasions. Bacon turned out great from one of his pork bellies. The prices are very reasonable. In fact, one of the market drawing points is the overall prices of all the produce and products offered for sale.. Sacramento does not incur the 'Bay Area Sin Tax'. Fruit and produce is not sold at inflated prices. Your pocket book will be happy after shopping here.

This market is worth a visit. You may be overwhelmed by the variety, freshness and prices. It is true 'California Gold'. The pork chops and yellow corn were divine.

Sacramento Sunday Farmers Market
8am-12 noon
8th & W St.
Sacramento, Ca. 95816


Greg said...

We will have to check that out next run. We used to go pretty regular to the Davis market and also frequented the Pedrick road produce hut. Prices are amazing there.

Chilebrown said...

We love Pedricks. We are going to the State Fair today and may stop. They sell 40pd bags of mesquite at a great price. Pick up some fresh tortillas that are very good. They also have Shaller & Weber bacon from New York (go figure) that is very good.

cookiecrumb said...

That place looks great. Yay, yellow corn.
Anyway, never having heard of Pedrick Produce, I checked it out on Yelp. Everybody loves it (except for one troll that just loves hating). That would be worth a trip.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Nice looking chops. What is wrong with butter and sugar corn? Please help me understand how fresh veggies and meat would fall under anyones "Sin Tax"? You think that they would promote healthy and organic in the Bay Area...

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, Pedricks is also close to the U.C. Davis which has their 'Meat Sales' on Thurs & Friday. It is a good stop to or from Sacramento.

Three Dogs BBQ, I guess I have some splainin. Sweet corn is only available in these parts. White corn has been the trend and yellow has been hard to find.
The 'Sin Tax" is my made up term for inflated prices. Some people believe that if they pay more they are getting better products.The farmers oblige because they need to make money too. The Bay Area is more expensive to live. Cherries in Sacramento might go for 1.50 pound and 8.00pd in San Francisco. That is extreme but has happened.Healthy and organic is the norm in the Bay Area. You will pay for it.