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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Snake River Farms produces and sells 'American Kobe' style beef. This meat has fat marbling that makes me want to cry. Our local Costco carried a supply of corned beef from Snake River Farms this St Patrick's holiday time.. 'American Kobe' beef is a luxury item that has a lofty price tag that reinforces this notion. We were surprised at the 6.50/pound sticker and bought several. Traditionally brisket is used for corned beef purposes. According to my butcher friend Angelo Iblerto this cut was the Bottom Round. It was a beautiful sight to see with its fat marbling and deep red color. It was packaged in a bring solution and came with a seasoning package. We will transform this corned beef into pastrami.

The brining process leaves the beef too salty for our tastes. This is easily remedied by soaking the beef in water to remove excess salt. After several rinses we were ready to season. We used a seasoning rub to prepare our roast for the smoker. Approximately four hours at 270 degrees brought the internal temperature to 170 degrees. The aroma and appearance was heavenly. We let the roast rest for 1/2 an hour. This was just enough time to steam asparagus and heirloom potatoes.
  'Snake River Farms American Kobe Corned Beef' was a hands down, flavorful, tender, smokey winner. The best part about it will be the sandwiches today.


greatwhite hunter said...

show off. GWH

Big Dude said...

The beef looks delicious and the price is outstanding - I would nave bought several as well.

Chilebrown said...

greatwhite hunter, How did your roast turn out? I am guessing that either you ate it raw or built a bonfire and just threw it on.

Big Dude, I went back to Costco yesterday and they were sold out. It was special.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

I am licking my computer screen right now. My God that looks great. I am drowning in drool...

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr BROWN I roasted the two roast I got on a bed of potatoes onions cabbage and carrots. The taste was great but one was so tough it made my jaw hurt and the other melted in may mouth like butter like Kobe corned beef should be. I have never experience anything like this before. They cooked in the same pan together I am bewildered. GWH out