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Saturday, March 1, 2014


We celebrate our anniversary on my birthday. It is convenient and I never forget the date. This very special day we like to dress up and ‘kick up one’s heels’ at a fine dining establishment. Steak Houses are our favorite dinning destination. McNamara’s Steak & Chophouse in San Ramon is a place we want to explore. Come along on this roller coaster dinner ride and experience the highs and lows with us.

McNamara’s is located in Dublin California. The outside is large and looks like a huge house. There is outside seating with a landscaped patio. We enter the restaurant to a dimly lit steakhouse den. When our eyes adjust we are treated to a warm and cozy steakhouse like palace. The décor and theme gives an old school steak house charm. We are a couple of minutes early and cozy up to the showcase bar. Martini’s are on order to start this special celebration. Pomegranate and Stolichnaya are shaken but not stirred for two very tasty libations. Our reservation is at six and on the dot the lights are dimmed a little more.

Once at our table our pleasant and perfunctory waitress greeted us. Our orders are taken. Let’s start out with the highlights of this meal. The steaks were cooked to perfection. Perfectly medium rare was my rib eye and Ms. Goofy’s filet. This beef was flavorful and rich with beef flavor. The horseradish mashed potatoes were creamy and studded with yummy spikes of horseradish. The vegetables were also cooked to a perfect texture. The side of sherry mushrooms was decadent and rich. The roller coaster was at the peak before it plummeted to its abyss.

The Chop House salad sounded great on the menu. Blue cheese, bacon, roasted peppers, greens, caramelized onions and did I mention bacon? This salad was so overdressed all the components were overpowered by dressing. Crab cakes are Ms. Goofy’s favorite. They arrived at our table with a very dark color. When I turned one over it was burnt on the bottom. Needless to day we did not finish them. Our waitress was no were to be found. The busboy came and asked us why we did not finish our crab cakes. We told him our concerns and our complaint fell on deaf ears. We will not even mention how the waitress forgot our wine order.

This was a very special evening for us. When we made reservations, we indicated that this was a birthday/anniversary celebration. The host and the waitress never even acknowledged our special day even though it was clearly stated on the reservation. Our waitress was pleasant enough but we could have used just the slightest more attention. The steaks and potatoes were great but the salad and crab cake appetizer not. When we spend a couple of large bills on dinners we have some expectations. This dinner could have been perfect with just a couple of easily correctable events. We all vote with our dinning dollars. McNamara’s will not receive our vote again.


Zoomie said...

Sorry for your disappointment - a bummer on a special day!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Happy Anniversary and Birthday Chilebrown. Nothing is more disappointing than going to a classy joint and walking away disappointed after dropping a few bills. Hope and I have been lucky when celebrating important dates. We have even had special menus printed out with our names and the date on the top. Hopefully, you will have better luck next time out.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, All was not lost. We are lucky to celebrate together. A lopsided meal is not how the Cookiecrumb les.

Three Dog BBQ, Special menus are a nice touch. This is the first place I have ever been that has not even had the decency to acknowledge our special day. Der Wienschitzel the hot dog stand even wished us a Happy Birthday.

Zoomie said...

Yes, you are lucky. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

In all fairness, you probably are a Platinum member at Der Weinschitzel...

Big Dude said...

Sorry to hear of your experience and this is why I rarely go to the fancier places - I'm nearly always disappointed.

greatwhite hunter said...

I sorry to hear about your experience at McNamara's as I am the one who told you about the place. I could live with you not having a good birthday dinner being that I am as well as your self are grumpy old truck drivers and for myself being heartless when it comes to your felling. But have a heavy heart knowing your beautiful wife had anything less than perfect anniversary evening saddens me greatly. Ms Goofy has shown nothing but kindness opening her home on those cold nights when I smell of diesel and axle grease and puts up with us as we negotiate our trading of meat products. Ms Goofy I beg for your forgiveness.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I have been known to visit the dog chalet in my past.

Big Dude, Special occasions we like to splurge on a nice meal. It is worth it because not all are like this. I still can remember memorable meals from past celebrations. I have a bucket list of steak houses around the country to fill.

Oh greatwhite hunter, We are humbled by your presence today. The first thing Ms. Goofy said was; Why is he sucking up to me. I told her about your gender transformation operation. Wait, sorry, not gender reassignment, but the procedure to make you whole again. We wish you a speedy recovery. my friend. I will always be proud to call you my 'Burrito Bitch'.

Greg said...

Happy anniversary! The steak looks brilliant but for the money you shelled out the rest should have been brilliant too.