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Friday, June 20, 2014


'Diners Drive-ins and Dives' is a show that we like to watch. Occasionally the host Guy Fieri visits a restaurant in our neck of the woods. 'Meal Ticket' is located in Berkeley which is close enough that it does not even give Ms.Goofy a chance to push the nitro button in the Racing Honda. Guy visited this restaurant several years back but it is still a very popular dinning destination. For this reason we made sure to be there when they opened at 8;00 am. I am not sure if this is worth a mention but we did get a parking spot right in front.

The gates opened on time and we were one of the first to place our order at the counter. You place your order and are issued a self serve coffee cup. The inside is nicely decorated with local art work that is for for sale.  You can watch the chef/owner that was featured on Diner, Drive-ins and Dives in an open kitchen. He is the only cook in this small kitchen. He is focused and very busy.After a short wait our plates arrived at our table.

The closest thing to pork chops was the loin cut. It was grilled and served with a chipotle sauce, home style potatoes and two eggs. You also had an option of toast, muffin or tortillas. The chop was tender and tasty. The sauce was mild with a smoky nuance. The potatoes were crisp with just the right amount of salt to coax maximum flavor.The coffee was strong enough to waken any sleepy eyed 'Fabulous Furry Freak Brother".(The FFFB reference was an 'Underground Comic' book characters that is an appropriate stereotypical characters from Berkeley's past.). Ms. Goofy loved her country egg scramble.
  It is a good thing we arrived at the opening bell. Within half an hour the place was totally packed and a line was forming. There is a reason for this. 'Meatl Ticket' serves a darn fine breakfast. We shall return.

Meal Ticket

1235 San Pablo Ave,
Albany, CA 94706
(510) 526-6325

Here is a link to watch the chef cook with Guy Fieri.  Watch video here


Greg said...

That is a fine looking plate! Guy always seems to find the greatest places. Now I'm hungry.

Big Dude said...

We've had mixed results on visits to DDD places but looks like you hit a good one. Chops and eggs make for a mighty fine breakfast.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Look great. I'm hungry now. Parking karma strikes again!

Chilebrown said...

Greg, There are a lot of choices for breakfast in Berkeley. This one is a keeper.

Big Dude, We have not been disappointed by DDD spots. I was not thrilled at eating at Guy Fieri's restaurant in Santa Rosa. Pork chops with biscuits and gravy float my boat.

Three Dogs BBQ, We did get a spot in front. Karma maybe. Most likely because the city of Berkeley does not open till 10;00am. Kosmic Rule.