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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Ms. Goofy and I have been enjoying the life of leisure these days. We have both retired from our respective professions and have been reaping the benefits our years of servitude. Ms. Goofy likes to eat bon-bons and watch soap operas. I faithfully watch Jerry Springer every afternoon. It was time to leave the couch and go on a road trip. We like to call our excursions; 'Meat Adventures'. We have a destination of the scenic Santa Cruz area today. We did not ride the roller-coaster this trip but we did find some great meat and sweet treats.

Our first stop was the Freedom Meat Lockers in Freedom California. This is a huge full service butcher. We loaded up the portable ice cave with plenty of specialty sausages and meats. I scored the best looking maple cured slab bacon ever. Ms. Goofy had to drag me out of this store because I was starting to dance with meat buying frenzy.

Our next stop is the artisan charcuterie  'el salchichero' in Santa Cruz. Bourbon, maple cured slab bacon, bacon burgers, (20% bacon, 80% ground beef), bacon sausage, and mustard, maple cured smoked pork chops were put into our cart. I was in bacon heaven. Leaving the premise we stumbled upon 'Kelley's French Bakery". Several treats from a spectacular looking pastry counter were chosen. The portable ice cave was full to the brim.

On our way home we spied Donnelly Chocolates. The Racing Honda automatically stopped. This was a specialty chocolate shop with plenty for us to sample and purchase. I especially like the single malt chocolate balls. Ms. Goofy found a peanut butter cookie covered in dark chocolate that she loved.

Meat Adventures are the way we roll. It was a great day to leave the couch and restock the Chilebrown ice cave. Do not worry we set the DVR to not miss Jerry Springer. Have a wonderful bacon day.


Greg said...

Meaty! The only thing we ever ate in Santa Cruz was pizza.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Did you ride the 'Big Dipper'? The last time we went to the Boardwalk we found chocolate covered bacon.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

I love Santa Cruz. I am officially jealous.

Zoomie said...

109Heavens! Your freezer will be stocked for weeks to come. Lucky you.

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr. Brown I have only a few words about your post today I will start with bravo. I think your pork run was inspired by your genius. Your first stop is my last usually. I cannot go to freedom meat first because I will spend too money, Hell that's a lie I always spend too much there, last trip I spent 300 dollars there and it was my last stop. El salchichero is on my to do list I hope to get there soon. The picture of the bacon burgers has my taste buds going and my mouth is salivating like Pavlov's dogs. Kelley's French bakery I have just one question is that German chocolate cake, strawberry tarts, pop overs, cheese cake, macaroons,(three different types)and what kinds of pies are in the far corner of the display case and how do you get there? Now for Donnelly chocolates it is my secret place and I do not share well. I am disappointed you found it and also very happy you did. You now in a very exclusive club. Mr. Brown you must never speak or write about the place again. I will share Donnelly with you under protest but only you. The only thing you missed in your near perfect meat adventure is stopping at pacific cookies and Swanton berry farm, great berries and if you time it right fresh peas. Just a few words from your Crazy uncle GWH. I will sign off now. I still cannot believe you told everyone about Donnelly chocolates. One of the best chocolate maker in the united states, hell Donnelly's is one of best chocolate maker in the world. GWH out and I am really signing of this time.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I have loved Santa Cruz ever since I was a wee young Mad Meat Genius. I used to go to a fun summer camp near Felton. You cannot beat the Boardwalk. Santa Cruz is more than just a destination. It is a feeling.

Zoomie, Maybe a couple of days at best.

greatwhite hunter. Where do I start. It is good to see you out of hibernation. You probably had to settle down for a long nap after our last Meat Adventure. Now to the MEAT of our conversation. So, you have been holding out on me. You never have mentioned Donellys's or Pacific Cookies. You bastard! Anywho Kelleys Bakery is located next door to el salchichiero. Have a bacon day.

Anonymous said...

that bacon slab looks amazing