Chilebrown at home

Saturday, August 23, 2014


I know the suits are sitting around the conference room asking; 'How can we get Chilebrown to buy our products?'. The answer is simple. Bacon is the magical carrot that I follow. Will the bacon explosion of products ever end and do I want it too ? Every once in while a bacon themed product is a winner. Today we have two bacon products that I could not resist. Bacon chips and a candy bar with bacon is on the table today.

I am not sure if you can ever improve the addicting, salty, crisp original version of Ruffles. The addition of bacon flavor tickled my curiosity but did not ring the bell. They were decent enough but the original is still my favorite. The next product was a chocolate bar with bacon pieces throughout. This was a hands down winner. The salty crunchy, maple bacon added a nice touch to the premium chocolate bar. We will purchase this chocolate again, in fact we already have. I wonder what the next bacon themed products will be?


Three Dogs BBQ said...

Chilebrown, do you ever worry that bacon might jump the shark?

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, To quote Ian Ziering from 'Sharknado 2'; 'Let's go kill some sharks'.

Greg said...

Mo bacon mo better!

Chilebrown said...

Greg, agreed.

Anonymous said...

Bacon already jumped the shark but due to it's deliciousness defied the trend of dying shortly thereafter

That chocolate sounds amazing and I need it in my life