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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


 Every once in awhile our Meat Adventures strike gold and today it was found at ‘Alexander’s Prime Meats and Catering’.  We were in L.A. once again for the bbq competition held at the Santa Anita Park. A little research on the World Wide Web and we found Alexander’s. It was reasonably close to the racetrack and we had a little time to kill before the award ceremony. We pulled into the lot and wondered if we had the right place. The sign out front said ‘Howie’s Ranch Market’. We ventured in to find Alexanders’s ran the meat department in the back of the store.

At first glance of the refrigerated meat cases, it seemed like any other meat market. I looked a little closer and noticed the spectacular marbled cuts of beef offered for sale. This was some great looking beef. The prices seemed fairly standard for a butchers shop. It was not until after talking to the butchers I realized I had just stepped into a market of premium beef. Yes, U.S.D.A. Prime, dry aged beef, the flavor that we crave. The prices now seemed like a down right bargain. I also noticed the window showcasing hanging beef.

Our butcher was very patient while we made our purchase decisions. I introduced myself as the Mad Meat Genius and doors began to open. It is always a pleasure when you feel and experience the passion of  employees and owners who takes pride in their product. This is what we felt. We were introduced to the owner Michael Milazo who gave us a tour and explained the dry aging process to us.

Most of Alexander’s beef is sourced from Harris Ranch. It is aged in their walk-in for a minimum of three weeks. This prime meat is in high demand. It is understandable because they are charging reasonable prices that some markets offer ‘Choice’ grade meat for. Michael showed me the difference in the progression of the aging process. Beef is the king here but they do make several varieties of sausage too. They also have other meats to choose from. It was time to get back to the competition. We left with some very good looking steaks and sausage.

Alexander’s Prime Meats and Catering is a jewel of a meat market find. If only it was not 400 miles away from our abode.  We did meet some very nice and passionate people at Alexander’s. We cooked the Porterhouse steak and it was fantastic. The sirloin side was just as tender as the filet according to Ms. Goofy. I loved it too. We hope to return someday.

6580 N. San Gabriel Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA 91775

(626) 286-6767


greatwhite hunter said...

Mr. Brown, Nice looking stuff. I have good news I am on a meat run. I am doing the oldies but goodies highway 88 run, would like me get your standard order? Contact maybe hard I am in the wilderness. GWH OUT!

Chilebrown said...

greatwhite hunter, I would kill for some fresh Dakota sausage. We are gong to Angelo's next Tuesday if you ever make it out of the wilderness.