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Saturday, March 14, 2015


The Racing Honda has put down a lot of rubber on the asphalt these last several weeks. We traveled to Lake Havasu for a bbq competition and last weekend a conference in San Diego to rack up the miles. You may ask, how do you keep your strength for these journeys? My answer is protein. A nice medium rare, corn-fed, aged is nice, USDA (choice or prime), and tender grilled hunk of beef is all I need. We would like to share a couple images with you. Grab your steak knife because here we go.

The first image above is a 32 ounce Porterhouse from The Golden Horeshoe in Lake Havasu Arizona. What a fun steak house this was. A western themed down-home steak palace. A deluxe salad bar added to this monster of beef. When I was done there was a mechanical bull in the bar to work off some of this protein. No pretension served here at this meat and potato emporium. The locals have a gem here.

Our next stop was the Krystals Steakhouse. This was an un-memorable stop for a 14 ounce New York strip. It did prepare me for the bbq judging duties the next morning. I may still have been a little full from the Golden Horshoe. Let's fast forward or rewind to last weekend to bring us to San Diego.

We are a stone throw away from San Diego in Escondido. To be precise we are a Stones Brewery away from San Diego.This is a Wagyu sirloin steak. All I can say is WOW. This was a tender flavor bomb that must be put on your bucket lists of steaks to experience. It was a pleasure to the eyes and the palette. Deep rich beef flavor that was accompanied by a festival of vegetables and perfectly roasted potatoes. It was washed down with some Arrogant Bastard ale. It does not get any better than this.

It is time to return home but there is one last must stop steak house. Anyone that is familiar with traveling the California I-5 knows about Harris Ranch. You cannot help but smell its arrival. Thousands of cattle greet you with their special aromatic greeting that may bring an unpleasant tear to your eye. Once inside you can enjoy a rib-eye steak and eggs. I had to add to add a pancake too because I needed to keep up my strength. Did I ever mention I love beef?


Zoomie said...

I love the expression "festival of vegetables." Good word choice!

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, There were fresh favas, one of my favorite spring vegetables in this mix. I was impressed.

Greg said...

This post gives new meaning to "where's the beef!" Watch out for those cows in the Chick fil a commercial! ;)

Chilebrown said...

Greg, We have a Harris Ranch Cowboy on the grill tonight. The beef is at our house.