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Saturday, June 20, 2015


Matt McKinney General Manager of Bently Ranch replied to my concerns of poor butchering ten days after my post on June 5 titled Bently Ranch Meats. Below is a portion of our correspondence;

“Since we are a small ranch and we aren’t equipped to harvest the animals ourselves, we use the best quality butchers that we can find. In our case we choose to keep our business local and use Wolf Pack Meats, the only processing plant in our region that meets all of the quality controls and animal welfare standards we demand for Bently Ranch Meats products. As a quickly growing company we are working with Wolf Pack Meats to increase their butchering quality and scale, and expect to see improvements as soon as possible.

Mr. Mckinney also offered to send me a couple of replacement steaks as a gesture of good will. I believe this is good customer service. They addressed the problem. They also put a smile on this Mad Meat Genius face because we enjoyed the flavor of these steaks. A gesture such as this goes a long way towards future customer relations. The smile got even wider when I arrived home to this package on the porch.

The smile did not last long. Pictured above is more of the same as far as shoddy butchering skills. If Wolf Pack Meats from the University of Nevada puts out products like this, it is a sad day in the world of butchering academia. Do not the students have faculty, professors, advisors, teachers, or any form of quality control? There is no excuse for pathetic butchering like this. I hope Matt Mckinney of Bently Ranch can overcome his quality control problem because the meat is flavorful. Houston, we have a problem.


Big Dude said...

They said the right words but it's only delivering a better product that counts.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, I was shocked when I opened the package. Because they are students gives them a pass? No. This is a business and you want to sell quality products. I hope they can overcome this problem.

Greg said...

EEEkkk! Looks like they used a plastic knife!