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Monday, June 22, 2015


How far would you drive to have a one in one hundred and five chance to win a Big Green Egg bbq? That is a question we asked ourselves. I guess the answer is 140 miles. Ms. Goofy won a qualifying entry from a local Stockton radio station. This put her in the running with 105 other qualifiers. As some of you readers may know, every Christmas, I cross my fingers and hope that Santa will bring that elusive Big Green Egg. This monster of a bbq has not come down our chimney. The catch of the contest was you had to be present to win. The Racing Honda was fueled and we raced to Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply to win the BGE.

We were not alone when we arrived at Fat Ciy. I think all 105 qualifiers showed up too. We actually saw a couple of familiar faces from the bbq community. Rob Ryan and Mike Hardin were cooking and serving demonstration bbq to promote their bbq products. Both of these entrepreneurs regularly compete in bbq competition. We had a few minutes to kill before the drawing and did a little shopping at Fat City. When you own a BGE you become a member of a secret society. This shop had numerous products all devoted to the BGE faithful. They have their own charcoal, aprons, gloves, and so much more. Since I am not a member (Yet) my shopping cart remained empty.

It was time for the drawing sort of. This contest was a little sadistic in nature. 105 names were put in a hat. Your name was drawn and you proceeded to the front. 105 green colored eggs were on a table and you picked one. 104 eggs were hard boiled and one was still raw. You had to pick one and break it over your head. If you broke the raw egg all over your noggin you were the Big Green Egg winner. This was a little humiliating but we also were driving 140 miles today. Ms. Goofy was more than willing to make the sacrifice. Unfortunately she never got that chance because about 15 contestants in, the winner was cracked open.. Well, there is always the chance Santa Claus is reading this.


cookiecrumb said...

This is the BEST story!

Chilebrown said...

Thanks fair maiden. I hope things are well with Cranky and You. Someday we will cross paths again and we shall dance.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Gotta love the format. Sorry that you two did not win. Does Santa accept Kickstarter?

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I have seen a lot worse on kickstarter than a poor Mad Meat Genius with only 14 plus cookers and no BGE.

Greg said...

Good things come to those the wait. Or maybe those who pull out the Mastercard.